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Hello BP, I have a 2 story corner lot home it is a 3bed 1bath, full basement and hardwood floors, central air, fenced yard and 1 car garage.

South Bend, Indiana
Home needs some TLC
Asking Price: $13,900
Sqft 1,144
Lot Sqft 4400
Taxes: $800-$900
Area Rents: $550-$650

Contact Info:
Felton 260-376-0174
[email protected]

What are the estimated repair costs? ARV?

Sorry about that, the address is 631 Dayton st, South Bend IN 46613

ARV 35k
Repair from contractors $3,200-$3,500

@Felton Johnson  we also need the tax accessed value so we can calculate the EXACT taxes - a range of "$800-$900" seems too vague.

$800 in annual taxes would be a $80k accessed property if it was recently owner occupied and you used 1% or $40k if it was a rental and you are correctly using 2% to figure the annual taxes for a non-owner occupied rate.

The tax accessed value is $50,200 but the property has not been owner occupied in over 5 yr. The owners had a tenant in the property, no lease just month 2 month for all that time.

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