List of business names in my farm area

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew how I could get a list of business names an area that will be my farm area.  I want to visits these businesses to drop off flyers and business cards.  Is there a way to get this type of list/information without paying for it;  perhaps online, etc.  Thank you.

@Nanette Miller  

 It will be a little tougher if you are going to do it for free but you if your looking for exact basic information you could try the county records site for your state.  The site in MD is super easy if I need to check something out quickly and I tried briefly to find CA one and this might be the main page

but you will need to check it out by exact location.  You can use google street view to check out the buildings and find their address to begin the search (cheaper than driving around town).  Becoming efficient in google maps will save you a ton of time in creating a mailing list.

If you just do a general list to commercial properties, the USPS Direct Mailer program (EDDM) allows you to select the exact mail routes which would include your targeted commercial properties.  

Paid options:

I hope this info. helps some and best of luck!


Yes this is great, helpful information.  Thanks I'll give it a try.


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