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In wholesaling properties, who is responsible for getting an appraisal done on the property?  And, should the appraisal be done before or after getting the contract signed by the seller?

Having done nearly 80-90 wholesales, I've never had an appraisal done. Usually, appraisals are done to satisfy a lender that the value is good to lend on. In the wholesaling world, the wholesaler is either assigning the contract to the next buyer or double closing to the next buyer who is 95% of the time paying cash for the deal. Valuation is done by running comparables to see what the property would be worth completely fixed up (ARV, after repair value), so no appraisal needed.

I guess you as the wholesaler or the end buyer *could* get an appraisal to determine value, but I've just never seen it happen in real life.