How to convert PDF to Excel and get column to format for mail merge

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I have leads coming in a PDF. I have adobe and can convert to an excel spreadsheet. BUT they do not format correctly. As my spreadsheets I use are for a mail merge. Is there a work around for this?

No, I don't think so. Converting the doc will allow you to see and edit the text but its not going to look the same.

I agree with Ericka.  Getting things to format correctly in Excel is a challenge if you are trying to convert from a PDF or other similar formats.  Excel needs things to be aligned just right or it shifts the data to another column.  Then if you throw in headers, footers and titles it really messes things up. 

It might just be easier to pay a VA to type your leads into an excel sheet.

I'm sorry I do not, but you could look on Elance or Odesk and possibly find someone.

You might be able to use a software program named SodaPDF.  It can convert to Excel or Word.

@Joseph Theriault  I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but have you tried the "text to columns" function in excel? You can set it so that the data starts in another column after a comma, space, period, dash, or whatever. Once you have all the info in the right columns, it should be pretty easy to mail merge? 


@Lee L.   Bingo that is what I am looking to do. That is the question how do I do that? More specific like for dummies. hahahah.

Hey @Joseph Theriault  I think this youtube video might help.

@Joseph Theriault  

If you have any more issues, send me a message. I would recommend writing something custom (like a script) for dealing with something like this.

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