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For my BP wholesalers, what mailing lists have brought you the most success for finding leads?  The last list I purchased was Absentee owner's list.  

I'd like to hear what lists others might recommend; all investors welcome to chime in but I would especially like to hear from my local investors here in Indianapolis, IN.

Hello @Ronald Hunt  

Have you mailed this list of yours out yet?

Only once @Ronald Hunt  

or have you beat the brakes off of the list you used?

@Chaz Reid  More than once, but unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to work it like I would like.  But I'm looking to see what lists other people prefer to use.

Well I was asking you because most experienced wholesalers know the deals don't really come until like the 4th, 5th, 6th mailing timeframe. I was trying to let you know don't give up on your list if you haven't mailed it out like 10 times. Other then that, there are a ton of criteria's that you change for you list.

I do 50% equity

In state owners

Out of state owners

1 story properties

Then I have list per zip code in my city

You can even change the demographics of your search, race, age, occupation, etc.

I would say change up your flyer/letter etc.

Measure your marketing results. That helped me stay focused when I first started. Just my two cents though, good luck on your journey bro...

newbie here!

I was just wondering where one would buy a list or obtain information leading to people who meet curtain criteria that I am looking for?

Thank you for the help!

I want to second @Micah Copeland here, I use and they are great to use. A ton of options for adding criteria, just remember that each new line of criteria you add costs extra. Usually pennies or fractions of a penny per item but it does add up. You can play around on their site prior to purchasing so you could see what zip codes have the highest number of absentee owners, things of that nature.  

@Ronald Hunt absentee owner lists are the most common and historically have a higher response rate than owner occupied lists. If you are having a low response with your absentee owners it may be that their neighborhood is highly desired and therefore they have received letters from someone like yourself already. We have tried both OO and AO lists and we experienced a slightly better response rate. Are you filtering out recent market sales or owners with little equity? What is the other criteria for your list.

Be sure to check other BP threads for reviews on Listsource before signing up....

Im in southern california and have mailed out to non occupied out of state and absentee landlords with 50% equity, 3 bedroom 1 bathroom, as well as over the age of 50!

I also cold call this list as well and you would believe the amount of mail they already recieve from investors such as ourselves. 

all in all, from what i understand and have learned, its a timing game. They might not be motivated to sell at the moment you send your mail but maybe couple months later something pops up in their life they causes them to be motivated. 

You wont know of a 1 month campaign so i suggest mailing the same list for about 6 months. i think the average is 5-7 mailings before you get a response. 

I was thinking of selling a list of citations from the city I've had some pretty good success with it!

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