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So have an REO under contract and I am just waiting for the bank. I did a video walkthrough of the property so I don't have to show ever person the property all the time. I posted 2 adds yesterday on Craig's List for the property one in Spanish and the other in English (I use Google translate for the Spanish). I have had about 5 responses so far. When they respond I send them the link to the video and tell them after they watch it if they are still interested we can talk. Any Ideas of how I can tweak this strategy or sell the property faster?

If Google translation from English to Spanish is of similar quality to its translations from English to French {or French to English}, you are not doing yourself any real justice with the advertisement in Spanish.

The idea of placing an advertisement in Spanish is a good one, but find someone you know who's mother tongue is Spanish or who is fluent and cabable writing in Spanish to help you pen the advertisement ... or at least clean-up Google's translation ;-)

Hi Joshus! I am pretty fluent in spanish so if you want to send me the link I can look at it and tell you what I think...

Thanks @Matt McGinn

 here is the link to the post


I don't think I did to bad because I do understand some of the basics to the language.

Hello Joshus!

I am not a native spanish speaker, but after several years studying the language and working with only spanish speaking people, I would translate the article as such: 

Casa De Venta: Esta casa necesita muchas reparaciones, pero después podría vender por $80,000 o $90,000 dólares USD. Solamente buscamos compradores con efectivo por favor.   ( this excludes the "serious buyers" phrase, but I would be willing to bet that if they had $30,000 in cash they wouldn't be wasting your time).

If there is a native spanish speaker that can perfectly answer this post, then great, in the meantime I hope this has provided some value.  Also as a non-language related idea, do you think it might be worth it to at least add what area of Corpus Christi it is in? (Bay area, Central City, South Side).  I would probably be interested in knowing if I was a buyer. Either way, your market, not mine, I am sure you know best, I am just offering ideas.  Hope this helps!

@Matt McGinn

how would I add what part of the city? Its in central city

What bank are you buying from that is allowing you to assign a contract on an REO? I have never seen a bank willing to do that.

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