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Good morning everyone! So I've read multiple books on finding buyers for wholesale deals, what is your recommendation for putting together a buyers list? Where should I begin. Should I find them before finding any deals or after I have them under contract? If anyone has any experience with this your input would be great. Thanks!

Focus your energy on finding the first deal @Anthony Johnson . You will be surprised how the buyers come out of the woodwork when you have a solid deal to present them. The first deal is always the hardest and the more of your efforts you put into finding buyers, the less time you are spending finding a deal.

if you find a deal the money will follow @Anthony Johnson
go to your local REIA meet up,plenty of buyers at meeting
put ads on craigslist looking for cash buyers 
drive around your farm area and write down address of apartment buildings or anything multi family then send them a letter telling them you have access to off market deals and you are looking for cash buyers 
good luck 

Finding the deal is the hardest party, but while looking for it, you could also reach out to someone on Biggerpockets, lots of cash buyers on here, even people from out of state. So add them to your list and ask what kind of properties exactly they're looking for, so you know what to look for! Good luck 

Go to the top of the BP Wholesaling forum, and read the sticky topics you find there. One of them will have an abundance of ideas that answer the question being posed in this thread. 

Wow, thanks for the input everyone!

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