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If you are willing to part with the functionality of the form letter (e.g. inserting names and addresses) I have seen people simply handwrite a letter, keep it very general, and just make copies of that. When done right it can feel personal, even more so than yellow letters.  If you are tech savvy you could create a form letter with your own handwriting, here is the old thread where I had initially seen it:

I have spoken to many people who see right through the fake handwriting and yet they still call. I have also been thoroughly surprised by how many people, even people in the industry, are fooled by the handwriting. 

Hope this helps!

Hey Liz,

There are some great blog and forum posts on here about different direct mail piece strategies. Browse through those as well, and you'll likely formulate something that will work well for you.

With that said, the direct marketing portion of wholesaling can be a lot of fun. It's almost like fishing. Try one piece and track your results. If your results are good, you may stick with it. If not, you can change your piece and try something different. 

Ultimately, there's no magic formula for direct mail that will yield you the best results, but it's the testing of different pieces that makes marketing fun.

Good luck!

You are limiting yourself to letters, which (as a general rule) cost 2x as much as postcards. Don't waste your valuable time trying to rethink marketing.  Use a vendor like - they have letters, postcards, and more and you can't beat their prices.  Plus, their postcard designs are 10x nicer than anything I've ever gotten from an investor who is a "DIY" marketer...

@Account Closed if your concern is about differentiating your marketing pieces from your competition I would encourage you to look at things different. What matters more than the color of the ink, envelope, etc. is having a targeted list that is marketed to consistently with the right message. Also, have a good mixture of your marketing pieces. Not every prospect is the same. Some respond better to postcards, letters, etc. By using a number of different pieces you cast a wider net in terms of catching the attention on your prospects.

Words mean everything! Depending on who you want to target, write the letter in a way that sympathizes with a general crowd you are interested in (probates, out of state, taxes). The more narrow your market the more personal you can get with the way you market to them(ex. Target==> parents with toddlers, Product: Strollers)

People on craigslist are more than willing to hand write 1000 letters + envelopes for $100

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