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Perhaps attending one of your local REIA meetings. Or I've noticed than when I mention what I do in a conversation it seems sometimes people are doing the same things as well, this could lead you to finding a mentor. i.e I work at Fedex part time I always network at the counter and tell customers what I do if we start talking the customer just so happened to have done what I was trying to do in real estates and is a multi millionaire and he has helped me some what and offered his advice and counseling anytime I've requested. So it might just happen one day for you. NETWORK.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear..

Originally posted by @Armond W.:

When the student is ready the teacher will appear..

But what does that mean? Should those looking for a mentor simply wait around for one to pop up? I think taking the proactive approach is most beneficial. The first response is most accurate as I found two in common circles, one at work, and one at church just through explaining my hopes of completing a fix and flip this summer.

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