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Hello, my name is Rayna and I am new to the business of real estate. I purchased my first home about 4.5 years ago but I know ready to help others get into their homes. I have always wanted to get into real estate and rehabbing but I am finally ready to step up and make it happen. I have been working a city job for 8.5 years and hold 2 degrees but I am not comfortable being complacent in the lower middle class so it's time for me to start doing something I would enjoy and afford a certain lifestyle while doing it. I know it will take time and I am completely okay with starting from the very beginning and working my way to the top, so I look forward to being a sponge and taking my life back. I am very open minded and positive and look forward to rubbing elbows with like minded people.

@Rayna Terry

Welcome to the site! This place has helped me so much in my investing. We are just finishing up our first flip property and will hopefully list it next week sometime. It has been quite an experience for a buy and hold person... But my point is if I can do it you can! (I ain't very smart) I have listened to all the BP Podcasts 2 times through and it has helped me learn a TON about REI and I would recommend the same to anyone!

Keep learning stuff! 

@Rayna Terry

Welcome to BiggerPockets, a place to interact with a vibrant REI group, learn the real estate business and language at near zero cost. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, totally new or need to build upon your experience.

Yes, you have just announced a commitment to the thousands in this community about

your seriousness regarding REI and have taken this bold step to affirm it.

Your time on this site and with the BiggerPockets community will be well spent and can be financially rewarding if you so desire.

You are here at the Forum, but, should raise your mouse to the top and explore the other

headings displayed.

Don't get overwhelmed by the massive amount of data archived on this site.

Simply, bone up on the areas that you need to expand knowledge in such as, Forums,

Marketplace, Learn, Network, Analyze, Resources.

Feast on the Podcasts, #askbp Podcasts, blogs, webinars and the myriad of book


Also, you can review the quick links below to help solidify your grip on this site.

After becoming more knowledgeable and confident because of my above suggestions, take action to snag your first real estate investment deal if new or add to your existing holdings if you have prior experience.

Don't get caught up in analysis paralysis.

You must immerse yourself in the RE marketplace locally in your neighborhood or afar if the situation warrants it.

Take calculated risks if needed and you shall be rewarded!

"Each step you take reveals a new horizon. You have taken the first step today. Now, I challenge you to take another." - Dan Poynter

Lastly, don't forget that we are here to help and likewise learn from your contributions. Good luck and happy investing, again, welcome aboard!

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