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The Wholesaling process seems pretty straight forward... 1. Find the property 2. Find the owner 3. Run the numbers (ARV) 4. Negotiate the deal 5. Find a buyer 6. Assign or simultaneously close However, I have some questions. Such as, is there an easier way to find the homes without having to drive around neighborhoods for hours? How do I find the owner (more specifically, a motivated seller)? Who determines the ARV? How do I find a buyer? Do I need to have available funds if the buyer backs out? If so where do I get that from? Will there be any upfront costs? Such as fliers, ads and fees (I already purchased business cards). I have a little money I can use, but not hundreds of dollars. Thank you

Please search thru BP Resources... You will find your answers there.  Cheers!!

Hi Devon, I would try reading this on BP... 

"The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Real Estate Wholesaling" 

It's a great resource that might answer some questions. I'm new too and am doing a ton of reading/research. Thanks for posing the extra questions for my learning too! 

Welcome newbies!

If you read the forums you will see someone saying:

Learn real estate before trying to deal in real estate. This will save you time, effort, money and trouble! It also makes investing easier when you "get it".

There are risks in wholesaling the advocates and gurus don't tell you about, read the forums!

Find the buyers first, know what they want, then find the deal, contract, sell, otherwise you're spinning your wheels and wasting your time and that of owners.  Again, read the forums.

Stay legal, be ethical. Good luck :)

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