Driving for dollars

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If they're vacant check where the tax bill is going. If the tax is paid on time, it means that they're getting them, if they can pay online, that's a different story and a skip trace waiting for you to do. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Just depends on how good of a lead it is. 

To check the tax bill Google your county and tax bill and it should pop up. Neutron.net can help you see what's online for your counties too, but the first should make it easier. 

I send the mailer anyways. Make sure to include "Address Service Requested" below your return address and you will get the postman/lady showing up at your door asking for $.59 per return. 

This is how the big credit companies, magazine companies, etc. do it because they can simply update their database and keep sending info to a past customer/warm prospect, versus spending 10x as much to get a cold lead to become a customer/warm prospect.

Here is a screenshot of one of my returns...

You have to send first class for this to work. Don't forget that first class stamps are cheaper for postcards than for envelopes. This mailer was sent via Click2Mail, but I have sent one-off mailers with live stamps and got ASR returns as well.

You will find that the postal employees don't understand what you are doing if you ask them questions.