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Hey BP, 

Just purchased my first list and am wondering wether to send post cards or yellow letters and if so, what the best sites to generate each would be. All in put accepted, time to get these LEADS!!!

-Stay blessed ppl 

Hi @Raphael Thomas - Awesome.  Step one. Done!  Step two, choose a postcard or letter.  (FYI, does not have to be a letter) - Stationery will work too.  They're both wrapped in the same package (Envelope) - SO, you don't actually know what color the letter is until you open it anyways...  Mix it up.  You will most likely want to hit these guys 2-3 times minimum.  Start out with a hand written postcard, then follow up with stationery or a hand written letter.  Expect about 1.5% on postcards and approximately 3-5% on letters or stationery.  The response rate goes up the more you reach out.  GoBig though, you can't start and build a business with just one thing!

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Hi @Raphael Thomas - YES.  Lots of hand written letters and postcards.  They are pre-written, but you can edit all of them, and see a real time Mail Merge proof.  If you send 600, expect to get about 8-11 calls.  Which, sounds low, is actually pretty good.  Just know that you will probably end up sending about 3-4k for each contract. BUT, that is spending only about 15-20% of your dollars in direct mail.  SO, if you send 3k, you spend about $1400, get about 45 calls, of which about 15 are serious.  That's a really good return.  GoBig Raphael!

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Starting out you can realistically only count on about a .5% response rate on postcards. Its a low percentage but mostly quality calls. I would recommend against starting ANY direct mail campaign unless you can commit to at least 6 touches to the same list. Any less than that is just wasting your money. You may get lucky on your first mailing however the majority of your deals will on touches 4-7