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I am a firm believer of hiring professionals. I am seeking recommendations on who I can hire to complete a direct mail campaign for me.

Anyone have recommendations on a full direct mail service provider? A provider who has extensive experience in this service and a track record, processes, etc (a pro).

I have a very small targeted area that I am interested in.


@William S.

Even if your phones are ringing with motivated sellers, do you have everything ready to handle them? Many people start direct mail without having all the pieces in place for success.  Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start DM.

If you want a game plan, let me know. If you can answer Yes to all these questions, then you should start. If not, you should do more preparation to increase your odds of success.

1) Do you have enough money saved up for a sustained campaign of at least 200 addresses and can mail them at least once every 3-4 weeks, for at least 6 mailings?

2) Do you have the system built in place for your funnel: ready to answer that number without letting it go to voicemail, have a website landing page to capture the lead if you include a link in your DM.

3) Do you want to maximize your response rate? Get a area code that is familiar to the people you're mailing to if you want to increase their comfort

4) Are you familiar with the questions to ask a seller to see if they are distressed or not?

5) Do you have buyers ready in that area for when you close a deal?

6) Do you have someone in person that that isn't just boots on the ground, but understands rehab costs so they can get a proper rehab estimate so you know whether it's a deal or not?

7) Do you have access to MLS or comps to know the ARV of the property you're buying?

8) Do you have the contracts in place for them to sign when you close the deal?

9) Do you have a title company or escrow lawyer (state dependent) to help finalize the paperwork?

Those are just a couple of things to get ready prior to starting your campaign. I'd highly recommend getting a real estate license as well.

If you need help with any of these items, feel free to ask.

@William S. I highly suggest utilizing @Ray Lai and his company. He's an expert at direct mail and I've picked his brain on multiple occasions. Also, it's better working with a company that's like a hybrid direct mail/campaign consulting company because the larger direct mail companies don't offer any guidance. You just upload your list and hope that it sticks. Hope this helps.

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