French door stainless steel fridge in flips?

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we always apply a set of stainless steel appliances in our flips. but for the fridge we typically just do a $650 top bottom stainless steel fridge from Home Depot or Lowe's. I noticed a lot of flippers are putting in French door or side-by-side stainless steel fridge. when I searched this topic in the forums I saw many flippers depending on location don't provide a fridge at all. it's only about $300 more for a French door but is it necessary?

Yes. I believe it is.

If a house is in such a horrible neigbourhood that it doesnt justify an extra 300-500 dollars for a fridge, I then rather question if the house is even worth flipping.

You are competing with all the other houses on the market.

Take our flip from last year

We bought it for 64.5K.

We were going to list it for 250K but because of our awesome finishes we decided to list it for 299K

We sold it for 335K

People think it is the expensive stuff (expensive granite or fancy cabinets) that sells a house.

Wrong! It is the small little finishes you don't HAVE to include, that get buyers thinking "oh wow, these guys reay went a out, to the smallest of details." We market the house " rehabbed as if we were going to have our mom living there". 

As I said. you are competing with everything that is on the market. If you cheap out on a damn fridge for 300 dollars... what message are you giving your buyers? 

Stay within budget but make the house special. The way I do it is I put in sweat equity. I do a lot of the unusual additions myself.