Strategic Business Plan

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I've been doing wholesale deals in Memphis for about 5 years now and it's time to move out of a hobby and in to a real business.  I've put together deals with both local and out of state buyers and sellers.  I've used direct mail, yellow letters, postcards, cold calling, PPC, websites, and facebook ads to successfully generate leads; done leg work, repair estimates, and even some marketing for out of town investors; even built some software to scrape data.  In my day job I'm a project manager and data analyst advising non-profits in process improvement, marketing, budgeting, and business basics.  How do I go about developing a business plan, marketing plan, or strategic plan? Something actionable that I can execute rather than doing things sort of ad-hoc?  I have a little bit of a budget to get me started I just need help coming up with the initial plan.  Does anyone have any advice?

@Ben Roberts . Have you ever heard of the business model canvas template?  It's a nice place to start to get all the pieces laid out visually to help map the 'story' of your future business.

As for your marketing sounds like you already have most it if laid out?  Maybe just consult with Marketing expert in the area to fine tune and document your strategy, branding, marketing calendar, etc. 

I too am a TPM and Data Analyst for the most part as my day job!  ;)

Best of luck on your next venture!