using batch skip tracing

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Today I started cold calling my driving for dollars list and many of the numbers that i had received using batch skip tracing were not accurate numbers. Now, this was my first time I have ever used batch skip tracing and I am wondering if i did something wrong in the process of inputting my data into skip trace. Should note that this was my first cold calling experience as well.

If anyone can assist me on how to correctly use batch skip tracing that would be great! 

@Mark Anthony Alvear Jr  phone numbers aren't as simple as they used to be. There is no one central database - there are cell phones, internet phones and land lines. Here are some general rules of thumb to expect - although they can vary widely based on the quality of your list.

typical match rate 

  • Phones: 50-70% average
  • Email: 30-55% average

the expectation of accuracy

  • Phone numbers: 75% average
  • Email deliverability: 89% average

Also remember that you may have had some errors in tracking down the ownership contact info from your driving for dollars. Depending on the value of your time, you could get a much better bang for your buck by starting with a purchased list. For about $150, maybe expect to get about 1500 addresses of homeowners with low financial stability scores (FSS) that you can run through the bulk skip trace. You can then spend your time talking to the owners instead of driving and researching the owner contact info before you can reach out to them.


What are the names of the lists that can be purchased besides ListSource?  ListSource does not provide the phone and email which is an additional cost aside from purchasing the list.  I am trying to get the biggest bang for my buck with having to get everything from one source instead of paying to get bits and pieces from multiple sources.

You also referenced "financial stability score".  Can you explain what that is?


FWIW I'm looking for batch skip tracing tool feed back too, but one at at a time beenverified is good and when its off then premium.whitepages has the phone number.  Its a hit and miss.  you need to cold call the numbers and clean up your own lead sheet then you can follow up monthly to the cleaned up numbers via SMS via one of the "sms platforms" a googleable search.  many bulk SMS tools.  FWIW you need dynamic data to cut into each SMS the owners name and house address as you batch send SMS for followup...  

Any more batch skip trace feed back?

Curt, I accidently came across a good source for current and prior phone numbers and addresses.  It is not a batch skip trace system, however, it can be a 2nd tool for verification.   It is  you cna search by name, city and state or phone number.  It has worked for me.  Let me know how it works for you.