Local REIA suggestions

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@Loren Bedward ,

For my area, I search Meetup.com. You can also go to Facebook and search things like "Brattleboro real estate investors" (and things like that) to find them. I see a number of realtors at our local meetings, so you might want to ask them as well. I don't know if it's nationwide, but KellerWilliams seems to always be involved several of my local meetups.

Good luck!

@Loren Bedward ,

I'm also a newb.  But my advice is the advice I'm following for myself.

Each and every day, take action. There's a lot you need to do to be a successful wholesaler. You need to build a buyers list, learn how to wholesale, market to sellers, get organized, I could go on and on. And, of course, get active in your local REI community.

I do this. For every action I know I need to take, I do what I need to do to take that action. I need to market? What's the first thing I need to do? Well, decide how I'm going to market. If I decide on DMM, what do I need? A list? A way to send out my mailers? Well, get those things. At one point, I asked myself, "If I had a viable deal in front of me, is there anything that would make me hesitate?" I came up with two answers. First, I need a good source of buyers, so I focused on building my buyers list - and to keep building it. Second, I need a good title company. So I asked for referrals and started calling title companies. By following this method, I never at am a lack of work. In fact, I have to prioritize things. There are many things I want to have in place, but I don't need to have them yet. I can do some things manually, where I would prefer to have automation in place. At least I have the manual process and I can automate later.

All of that means that the most important thing you can do is to keep taking action.  Keep moving forward.  Prioritize what you NEED, and go after that.  This is for any business, actually.

So go get 'em, and good luck!

@Barry Pekin

Thank you very much and sorry for the late response. I think I will follow that method. I’m not sure if you have closed your first deal yet, but if so were you nervous or were you confident. I’m a bit nervous and I believe it’s because I’m not too familiar with this field. But like you said action needs to be taken in order to adjust to things.

@Loren Bedward ,

Honesty in all things... No, I haven't closed my first deal yet.  I'm currently exporting my leads to have my first post cards sent out, and when they go out I plan on cold calling a sampling of them. 

Nervous?  You're damn straight!  Why they h*** would someone sell their house to me for pennies on the dollar?  (I won't get into the answer on that now; it's a bit off topic.)  Calling a stranger?  Are you kidding me?  BUT... my nervousness has dissipated on a daily basis.  I keep filling in the gaps and learning whenever I can.  I've gamed calls with my 13-year old son (who wants to make calls for me!), and I've spoken with my wife who continues to encourage me.  I listen to podcasts and read whenever I can.  I participate on here.  All of this builds my confidence.  I'm actually looking forward to making calls.  It will be humbling and a serious growing experience.  Whatever I do, I will not stop.

Hey @Loren Bedward ! Anything new is scary, especially when it involves money. The best thing you can do it build a team of professionals so you're covered in terms of getting solid advice and guidance throughout the process. But at some point you definitely have to just jump right in! Great advice from @Barry Pekin on breaking it down and taking it one step at a time.

I work in Northern VT but let me know if you want some help building your team down there and I can connect you with some folks.

@Martha Nowlan

Thanks Martha I will definitely need some help putting things together as all of this is new to me. I’ve been studying and doing research daily but I haven’t actually gone out and made anything happen. Lmk your thoughts.