New Wholesaler Here!

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Hi Sarah! Welcome to Bigger Pockets and wholesaling, I use AirTable, DataTree, and I send out mailers to owners! 

I can't tell from your post how far in you are, but many wholesalers make the mistake of worrying about their team and their CRM and their online marketing before they even understand how to wholesale. What experience do you have, especially given you aren't sure how to even find the homeowner's name yet? You want to figure out first where you are going to find properties and at the same time, where you will start building your buyer's lists. You could spend a solid four to six months on those activities before needing to worry about a CRM or online ad spend.

@Jonathan Greene

I literally am just starting out. I have been reading books, watching all the “guru” crap and looking up as much as I can online. (Have been for only a couple months) I have started a home list and already have a buyer list set up. I have found a few ways to find home owners (using the tax assessor website) . However some of the numbers or addresses have been incorrect. So I’m just trying to see where I can get more accurate information. Any info is appreciated!!

Hello Sarah,

The first steps I would recommend as a new investor, no matter where you invest, is to get a handle on analyzing the income, expenses and ROI of the properties.

You can use the Bigger Pockets calculators to start.  Use Zillow and to get data and analyze a few from your home to see what type if returns there are.

If these meet your investment criteria then start looking in person by contacting the listing agent.

Let me know if you have any questions.

-Craig Bellot

@Sarah Anderson I’ve talked to tons of people over the years that have started like yourself and grown to a team member operation that works on a single platform. The principles are important to start. Lots of good material out here to read. I spent lots of hours self teaching by soaking in the basics. Then start small. Understand all aspects but see which way you are being led to a niche. Wholesaling is a good start but expand to fix and flip and buy and hold. Once you arrive at a good spectrum you will be able to mix and match. Good luck to you!!