Georgia Insurance Broker Referral

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We own about 40 rental properties in South Decatur (30032) and are looking for insurance, perhaps one which would allow us to largely self insure.  Does anyone have any leads for brokers who specialize in large rental schedules or companies that work directly with owners?  Thanks!

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Adding details to question...

@Josh F. There are many national programs with master policies that have the ability to have a high deductible or even General Liability only.

You are at a size where you can strategically structure your program to self insure a larger potion of your risk.

I will PM you some info.

I have 16 single family homes in Georgia, to include a handful of mobile homes. I buy, rehab and rent. The agent I've been using provided policies with Country, Foremost and American Reliable for the houses and Coventry health insurance. I need a new agent, been thinking I want one who can also offer health insurance (since that's a pain) but would really appreciate some advice.

Hey we do tenant turns in the Atlanta area and we have systems in place to complete the process quickly so you are able to market and get tenants back in place. Feel free to reach out


Hey there, new to this. But my husband and I have close to 20 properties in middle GA and looking for good insurance. Is the price savings worth it? Theyr'e currently acv. Can anyone recommend a good insurance  company, broker or starting place. Much appreciated!

So I'm about to flip my first property... Just put it under contract in Smyrna, GA. Did you guys find a good insurance broker that you could recommend to me as well?