Public adjustor before quote

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@Nick Dumas I always give the insurance carrier the chance to make a good first offer. 

That being said, it is best you answer the adjuster's questions about the rehab with vague answers.  You do not want to hire an adjuster a few weeks from now only for that adjuster to be faced with terms you already agreed to in conversation with the adjuster.

This would be questions like;  What materials you are ok with using?  Do you have staff that can do the work for less than market rates?  Will you rebuild or just sell?

If your offer stinks, stop all communication with the insurance carrier's adjuster and sign on with a public adjuster

Once the insurance carrier's adjuster knows you have called a public adjuster, they will start playing hardball.

I agree with Jason here on first working with your insurance carrier before contacting a public adjuster. Give them a chance to make good on the insurance contract they have with you. 

If you do end up hiring a public adjuster, make sure they are properly licensed and don't ever sign something that you aren't 100% clear on or that you haven't run by your legal counsel. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there looking to take advantage of someone who is already in a difficult position after experiencing a loss. Not saying that everyone is, but just be wise...

Also bear in mind that their fee will be at least 10% of whatever settlement you end up with... I know that they will probably say that since they will be able to get you more for your settlement that their fee will just "wash out" in the end, but it's not guaranteed that they can get you a bigger settlement... just don't let that inhibit you from being able to complete your repairs/rebuild. Best of luck and let us know how it goes. 

Would love to hear from others who have worked with public adjusters and how their experience went...