Posted 6 months ago

4 Benefits of Living Without Expectations

Our hearts can't lie. We all have desires that are either good or destructive. In the process, we set up expectations that cause us to things we think are good.

Expectations can do a lot of suffering and uncertainty to a person who feels euphoric. We tend to assume that everything will go smoothly, only to be confronted by uncertainty.

The problem with people who expect too much in life is that they'll do everything just to satisfy themselves. Then again, pure satisfaction comes from the absence of expectations and wants. Only then can a person feel truly happy.

So, how can we live a life without expectations? Let’s look at a few takeaways.

1. Acceptance of your real self

When we begin to know what kind of person we are, accepting our traits, strengths, and weaknesses will pave the way to self-love. This sets aside our expectations and allows us to embrace a more authentic life.

2. You become less guilt.

You might think along the lines of “I should have done that" or " I should have been ...." Regrets are the results of setting too much expectation. Disappointment and self-loathing come after. The only way we can avoid such feelings is to embrace what we truly are and accept whatever comes our way. This makes us want to worry less, hence allowing ourselves to embrace life with renewed energy.

3. You're free of disappointments.

Sometimes, expecting too much from our efforts puts us in an uncomfortable position. We became the dictators of ourselves. We no longer act according to our passions. Instead, we act upon self-imposed necessity. Casting away all expectations, on the other hand, allows us to break free from disappointments. We become independent of ourselves and we are able to choose whatever it is that makes us truly happy.

4. You continue to live in the present

As the song goes, “Que Sera Sera/ Whatever will be will be/ The future is ours to see/ Que Sera Sera/ What will be, will be.” The song tells us that we must accept everything that will come in our life. Expecting on something will make us worrisome and hence, prevents us from enjoying life for what it is.

Never let your expectations control your life. Set goals instead. Work towards accomplishing them. When you stumble and fall, you can always get back up and continue the journey.