Hard Money Cost Decided By Borrower - KW Delaware

Tuesday, March 26

When hard money is broken down into how much it costs, there is a lot more to consider than just the price tag. At this Keller Williams Delaware presentation, we discuss how the borrower has a huge impact on how they determine the outcome of the cost of the money they are borrowing. The executi...

SJREIN Presentation - Open Book

Monday, March 25

For those that missed the SJREIN event, John Paul packed the house. It was a great presentation and fantastic to see so many familiar faces. The quality of the presentation recording might be a little low but the content should hopefully be very [email protected]

Mike McCann - Thousands Of Emails

Wednesday, March 20

Mike McCann is known for his extremely fast response time to people reaching out to him. When he transitioned to Keller Williams, he was flooded with more emails than normal. For the first few weeks he was receiving thousands of emails and only get a few hours of sleep per night. He handled it...

Councilman Allan Domb - Making Progress

Thursday, March 14

Councilman Allan Domb is someone who is about action over words. When he sat down to do this interview, it was important for him to relay the progress he has made on behalf of the city. He has great plans for what is to come, but showing that he delivers on his promises was equally important to...

The Chris Somers Team - KW Philadelphia - Partner Chemistry

Thursday, March 07

When deciding to join forces with another person or entity, the idea of chemistry and sharing common fundamental beliefs can't be underestimated. Chris Somers and Gaurav Gambhir really felt that connection when deciding to link up the Chris Somers Team with KW [email protected]

Hard Money vs Private Money vs Institutional Money

Wednesday, March 06

Many people look at the hard money world as one big grouping of money that is all the same. This is not the case as private money normally differs from private hard money which differs from institutional hard money. They all have their place in the lending world but it is important for the borro...