Local Private Money

Wednesday, October 09

Using a local private money lender has huge advantages over companies that are not in state. A lender that you can meet, knows your market and can make adjustments based on the location is a giant advantage as opposed to waiting for an appraisal to come in half way across the country. Stay local ...

John Bolaris - Black Label - The Big Listings

Tuesday, September 24

In this interview that John Bolaris of Black Label does with Ian Walsh of Hard Money Bankers, John is able to give a sneak peak into some of the elite listings he has coming up. The price points are of the luxury level but so is the service and client base. Video [email protected] 215...

Allan Domb - Save The City Millions

Tuesday, August 06

Allan Domb makes sure he asks the right questions when it comes to taking his roll in politics very seriously. He uses common sense to make sure he is representing the people of Philadelphia in the best way he knows how. Listen to the interview as he discusses how he saved the city millions of d...

Mike McCann - Passion & Purpose

Thursday, August 01

Mike McCann and Ian Walsh discuss how Keller Williams is able to enhance Mike's team and offers a lot of synergy with the foundation concepts of passion and purpose. [email protected] 215.839.3271

The Collective Mastermind

Tuesday, July 23

James Harner discusses how he came together with several other super star real estate agents/investors to form a collective group of information that could then be used by one and other and shared with up and coming agents.  [email protected] 215.839.3271

July Doesn't Suck

Wednesday, July 10

Here is a quick FB live video about why slow times in real estate are all relative to a person's business and it is not an excuse or boundary to allow yourself to do less [email protected]