July Doesn't Suck

Wednesday, July 10

Here is a quick FB live video about why slow times in real estate are all relative to a person's business and it is not an excuse or boundary to allow yourself to do less [email protected]

KW Philadelphia Presentation - Speculative Buying Is Dangerous

Tuesday, May 21

Speculative buying is one of the highest risk/reward games in real estate investing. Most experienced investors tend to not be speculative in nature because the downside to being wrong on a speculative buy is very penalizing. The upside of a speculative buy can be very rewarding but can also cr...

When To Use Hard Money

Friday, May 10

Many investors wonder when and how to use hard money. Under most circumstances, people will either use hard money to buy, fix and and flip a property or do a cash out refinance against a property they currently own. They can also buy , fix and refinance or even use the money as a bridge loan. ...

James Harner Interview - Operations and Marketing

Wednesday, May 08

James Harner belongs to a mastermind group that has sold over 10,000 houses combined. This group has decided to share their information with other agents in their local market place so the agents can benefit from shortening their learning curve in building their team/business. To be able to lea...

KW Philadelphia Presentation - Don't Save It

Tuesday, May 07

Deciding on the end value of a potential flip property is likely the most important decision to make when buying a property. It is the point of origin for all other decisions. One frequent mistake I see people make is thinking that the resale value they will get for a property that 'saves some ...

Councilman Allan Domb - Don't Short Philadelphia

Thursday, May 02

Being a politician is not an easy job and Councilman Allan Domb knows this. He has made it his life's focus to better the city of Philadelphia. He knows it is not just about attending events as he takes logical action to create agendas and pass bills that make the city of Philadelphia a better pl...