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One of the most frequently asked questions in the BiggerPockets forums is "How can I start investing in real estate with no money and bad credit?" The answer? You can't (Well, to be more accurate, you probably shouldn't). You need to fix your "No money and bad credit" situation and invest from a position of financial strength. Co-hosted by BiggerPockets' Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen, this podcast provides the education you didn't get in school. You'll get tips for getting your financial house in order and actionable advice from guests who have been in your shoes - and found their way out.

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October 19, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 147: Pursuing Financial Independence on Her Own Terms with Cathleen Hutchins

Cathleen Hutchins grew up in Hawaii. She come over to the mainland for college, but Hawaii kept calling her name, so she moved back home. Hawaii is an expensive place to live, and Cathleen knew she ... show more

October 12, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 146: Saying Goodbye to Gambling & Finding Financial Freedom with Ambus Hunter

Ambus Hunter grew up with a fair understanding of how money works. He received a partial scholarship to play drums in college, and graduated with a small amount of student loan debt. His first job ... show more

October 5, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 145: From Hedge Fund Manager to Smart Money Mama with Chelsea Brennan

Chelsea Brennan was a hedge fund manager for several years - until her second pregnancy when she ended up in the hospital with sever complications brought on by the stress and emotional toll her job t ... show more

September 28, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 144: Alternative Investments: How to Determine Which Option(s) Are Right For You with Kirk Chisholm

Kirk Chisholm is a fee-only investment advisor with a secret passion - finding new and different ways to invest money. Kirk shares his Big List of 75 Alternative Investments with us today - and mor ... show more

September 21, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 143: How to Pay Off $160k in Debt in 3 Years While Making $90k

Shannon Gauthier discovered the debt she and her husband had gotten themselves into when a debt collector caller her at work and she started asking questions. Shocked to discover $30,000 in unpaid ... show more

September 14, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 142: Ask Us Anything: Questions From the Audience with Scott & Mindy

Scott & Mindy sit down today to answer questions sent in by listeners. They address topics all over the board - from student loan repayment and early retirement account withdrawal under the CARES act, ... show more

September 7, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 141: How to Graduate College Debt-Free and Pursue FI Before 40 with 4 kids!

Blake Nielson is a college professor whose wife stays home to raise their four children. Despite having only one income - and six mouths to feed - they have paid off their home and are on the path to ... show more

August 31, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 140: How to Get Financial Freedom So You Can Do What You’re Meant to Do with Belinda Rosenblum

Belinda Rosenblum is a CPA, a certified coach and her clients include Harvard Business School, Harvard University and the SEC. She’s worked for Arthur Andersen and L3 Enterprises. She’s got money all ... show more

August 24, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 139: Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Life Insurance (But Absolutely Need To) with Joe Saul-Sehy

Life Insurance is the most exciting topic on the planet! Just kidding. But just because it isn’t a super exciting topic doesn’t mean you don’t need to know about it. Today, Joe Saul-Sehy, host ... show more

August 17, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 138: Financial Blunders to Financial Buff: How Farnoosh Torabi's Money History Grew Her Career

Farnoosh Torabi grew up talking about money. Her parents are from the Middle East, and in her culture, they “never miss a moment to talk about money.” As the go-to girl for finance advice among her ... show more

August 10, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 137: Engineering a Path to Financial Independence with Felicity Freedom

Felicity’s story to financial independence is going to be similar to listeners of The BiggerPockets Money Podcast. She got a good paying job, spent less than she earned, intelligently invested in Inde ... show more

August 3, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 136: Secrets of a Money Savvy Family with Doug Nordman and Carol Pittner

Doug Nordman wanted to teach his daughter about money. But he knew that to get it right, he’d have to start when she was very very small. So he did. First, he taught her how to count, then he taught h ... show more

July 27, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 135: Building Wealth through Real Estate... without Tenants or Toilets! with Seth Williams

Seth Williams invests in real estate in a way you may have never heard of before. He buys and sells land. And no, he’s not a developer. He literally buys a piece of blank dirt, and then sells it - fre ... show more

July 20, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 134: Paying Off Debt - And Avoiding Debt Relapse with Chris Browning from Popcorn Finance

Chris Browning had dreams of creating movies for Pixar - until he started art classes in college and realized that wasn’t his calling. He was also taking a personal finance class and thoroughly enj ... show more

July 13, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 133: Retiring Early Doesn't Have to Be All-or-Nothing: "The Art of Subtraction" with Doc G

Doc G wanted to be a doctor since he was eight years old. He went to medical school, started his career and quickly realized he actually didn’t like all the parts about being a doc - and didn’t know h ... show more

July 6, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 132: Financial Independence Without a College Degree with Marquez Griffin

Marquez Griffin graduated from high school but did not feel that college was his path. His uncle worked in a sheet metal shop, and was able to get him a job there. He quickly learned that taking a ... show more

BiggerPockets Money

BiggerPockets Money

This show provides the education you didn't get in school including tips for getting your financial house in order and actionable advice from guests who have been in your shoes - and found their way out.

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