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The Home Run Property, LLC Investment
Coconut Creek, FL
Specialization: House Flipper, Residential
Truly Divine Real Estate Solution's LLC Investment
chevy chase, MD
Specialization: Commercial
EverFast Home Buyers, LLC Investment
Woodbridge, Virginia
Specialization: Residential, House Flipper
Home Sweet Home Investments LLC Investment
Suite 380, Sterling
Specialization: House Flipper, Residential, Commercial
Value Invesments Partners (VIP) Investment
Sterling, Virginia
Specialization: Commercial, Residential, House Flipper
Austins Investment Group LLC Investment
Gaithersburg, Alabama
Specialization: House Flipper, Residential, Other
Mission Bay Capital Partners Investment
Gainesville, Virginia
Specialization: Commercial
Elevate Express Solutions Investment
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Specialization: Other
DMV Home Relief, LLC Investment
Clinton, Maryland
Specialization: Residential, Other, House Flipper
DB REALTY LLC Investment

Find An Investment Company

The BiggerPockets company directory helps real estate investors find the perfect investment company for them. Investment companies in the directory focus on helping real estate investors get the highest returns on investment properties. BiggerPockets members can use the directory to find an investment company that best fits their needs by searching in a specific area.

Depending on the type of real estate investor, each investment company has a specialty that might be the right fit. Check to see if the investment company focuses on multifamily properties, commercial properties, turnkey properties, etc.

Questions To Ask An Investment Company

Before working with any investment company, make sure to ask the proper questions to make sure the company is the right fit for you and your investments. Here are some questions you can start with:

  • What is included in your fees?
  • How is your company funded?
  • How can a deal lose money?
  • When will I start seeing returns?
  • What is your competitive advantage in the market?
  • How long has your company been active in this industry?
  • Can I speak to any past investors you have worked with?
  • How do you ensure that my capital is protected in a down market?

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