Pay Rent Online: List of Online Rent Payment Tools

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Simplify your rent collection. Instead of waiting for those checks to come in the mail or going and collecting the rent, why not use an online rent payment tool? These rent payment sites connect you with your tenants, and typically allow payments to be transferred directly to your bank account via ACH.

As an alternative to giving your tenants access to your private banking information, these sites act as a third party between you and your tenant. While they do charge fees for their service, many of them allow you to decide who pays for the monthly fee – you, your tenant, or both.

Keep in mind, before you collect rent, you’ll need to know how to rent your house and will want to be sure to do a thorough job of tenant screening. When you’re ready, the following online rent payment services may meet your needs:

Online Rent Payment Tools

Avail  Avail allows you to set up each individual tenant, enter their monthly rent and due date, and add a separate late fee if rent is paid after a certain date. Avail also allows you to schedule security deposit payments and due dates, as well. Tenants have the option of logging in to make a payment every month, or to set up recurring payments so rent is never late. Automatic reminder emails are sent 5 days before rent is due, and again on the date it is due. Tenant payments are deposited within 3 business days.

ClearNow ClearNow automatically withdraws rent from your tenant’s bank account, and deposits the funds into your account three business days later. Tenants can build a credit history by having ClearNow furnish their rent payment history to Experian RentBureau. ClearNow does not process partial payments, so if 100% of the payment isn’t in the tenant’s account, nothing is collected. You can choose to pay the fee yourself, charge it to the tenant, or split it with them.

ClickPay ClickPay is a complete platform for property managers and landlords to bill and collect payments online. We accept credit cards, e-check (ACH) and paper check payments. Cozy is the first complete modern service for independent landlords and renters. Renting has always been fragmented, unsecure, and unnecessarily complex – even though it affects nearly everyone at some point in their lives. We want to change the way renting works. Our mission is to make the process simple, secure, and intuitive.

eRentPayment For Property Manager and Landlord Tools – Offer time-saving online applications, tenant screening, online rent payments, maintenance requests, reminders, and credit reporting to your tenants to help distinguish your property and enhance your operations.

OKUPIED Not just another property management app. It is the simplest way to streamline your rental business. Collect rent, track expenses, and manage leases “on-the-go”. PayClix accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and eChecks. The tenant signs on and makes a payment, the you are notified and have the option of either accepting or denying the payment. Tenant is notified via email, and accepted payments are deposited into your account. Payments may also be made over the phone. You can choose to pay the entire fee, have the tenant pay the entire fee, or split it between you. PayLease allows you to collect rent or HOA dues online. Your tenant sets up an account and can make individual payments each month or set up an automatic payment schedule. Your tenant can pay with cash at Wal-Marts and local grocery stores. They can also use a credit card or an eCheck. There is a 3-day processing time. PayYourRent currently offers eCheck and credit card payments, with cash payments coming soon. Tenants can log on to make individual payments, or schedule recurring payments. Payments can also be made over the phone. Fees can be paid by either tenant or landlord. PayYourRent offers rent payment history reporting to both TransUnion and Experian RentBureau, to help tenants improve their credit history. Email confirmations of payment are sent to both parties.

RAMSRent RAMSRent allows you to process tenant applications and collect rent. Tenants can pay by check or credit card. Late fees can automatically be added to the payment schedule as well. You decide what fees to charge your tenants for this service. Rent is deposited into your account within 3 business days.

Rentec Direct gives landlords and property managers the ability to automatically receive ACH payments from their tenants.  Landlords can enter the transactions directly, or tenants can login to their own portal and initiate one-time or recurring payments.  Tenants can pay by either ACH or credit card.  Both credit card and ACH payments forward to the landlord’s bank account the next day.

Rentific Rentific’s basic service is free for both landlords and tenants. Tenant makes the rent payment, and you receive it within 7-10 business days. A faster, 4-day service is available for a small transaction fee after one month’s rent has been collected. Rentific allows tenants to pay by eCheck, credit card or SMS payment. If they opt for payment by SMS, Rentific messages a reminder of their rent due, they reply Pay Now, and the payment is processed.

Rentigo Rentigo accepts eChecks and credit cards, and allows tenants to schedule recurring payments. Funds appear within 48 hours of processing.

Rentler FREE online payment tool is the smarter way to collect rent. Rentler allows you to split roommate payments, automatically report rent payments to build a tenant’s credit, and send digital rent reminders/late fee notices. Rent is deposited into your account within three business days and tenants can pay with a debit card, credit card, or directly through ACH.

RentMerchant RentMerchant allows tenants to pay by credit card, check and Paypal. Funds appear 2-3 days after payment.

RentPaidOnline RentPaidOnline allows your tenants to set up a one-time payment, or schedule recurring payments. Payments can be made by eCheck, credit card, cash or prepaid debit cards. Tenants can also submit maintenance requests online. Funds appear 2-4 days after payment, depending on type of transaction.

RentTrack Finally — earn positive credit with all three credit bureaus, just for paying your rent

Simplify’Em Pay Rent Simplify’Em Pay Rent offers tenant screening as well as online rent payments. Tenants schedule payments to be withdrawn from their account, and deposited into yours.

SparkRental an easy-to-use online tenant screening and rent collection software for landlords. Free for landlords, your renters can pay rent by credit card or ACH (eCheck) via our tenant portal. They can also submit maintenance requests and securely message with you. Rent is deposited electronically into your checking account within 2 business days. Sign up today with a trusted platform, since 2011!

Tellus Tellus is a free property management app that offers cutting-edge tools for landlords and property managers. Collect rent, handle work orders, screen tenants, list the property, and track expenses from your phone. Mobile management simplifies the rental experience.

TrueRent Offers Free Online ACH/EFT Rent Collection and Low cost Credit Card Rent Payments. Discounted tenant screening includes Experian Credit, national criminal and nation eviction all in one report. Full Service Property Management Software.

TurboTenant makes collecting rent simple! No more tenant excuses or checking the mail. TurboPay is totally free for landlords and property managers, and with TurboPay, tenants can easily and quickly pay with an E-Check (ACH). Funds are deposited straight into your bank account within 2 business days. Start collecting rent online today!

Zillow Rental Manager  With Zillow Online Rent Payments, tenants can pay rent directly from their bank account or with a credit or debit card. They can also set up automatic payments or make one-time payments each month.

Zuby is free to use for both landlords and renters, is very secure  and has high transfer limits. Landlords can create automatic late fees and send rent reminders, while renters can split rent with roommates.

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