Why Building Wealth is All About Small Steps, Not Big Leaps

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Is winning the money game really about waiting for that big “eureka” moment, or is it far easier and within closer grasp than that?

Everyone wants to get ahead financially. Most aspire to finally cracking the code to their big moment and solving all their financial worries and goals. But when we sit and wait for that lottery ticket to pay off, are we simply stalling, delaying, and minimizing potential for success?


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Don’t Wait on a Masterpiece to Get Started

Take a look at Neil Armstrong’s famous quote: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

That small step made Armstrong a historical legend. But in reality, it was just one small step for him. In fact, it was a step probably made a lot easier thanks to less gravity. Was landing on the moon a big accomplishment? Sure. But did Armstrong build the rocket? Was it his brainchild? Did he do it all by himself? No.

It’s great to aspire to be the next Buffett, Zell, Winn, or Winfrey. But let’s not forget the uber-wealthy individuals, as well as those who are simply financially set for retirement who have reached their lifestyle goals by investing in the designs and businesses of these innovators. If this second group was still waiting on the sidelines to create their own masterpiece, they may still be broke. That doesn’t mean they won’t have their 15 minutes of fame. In fact, they now have much better odds thanks to having the extra funds and slack to create and pursue their passions.


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Follow Existing Paths to Success

So when it comes to investing today (and investing in real estate), maybe you do need to find a new path to help you leap over to a new solution — one where someone else has already done the rocket science and fueled the ship. They call it “standing on the shoulders of giants.” Tony Robbins did it with his mentor Jim Rohn. Elon Musk has done it with Tesla. Trump does it with real estate projects (and vice versa). Once you have gained more knowledge as well as capital, you can pursue other ventures if you choose to. But it’s a lot easier to get going and make some wins piggybacking on the success of those who have already carved the trail.

The key to success is to leap on the opportunities. Start with what you have, one small step at a time. Keep stepping, invest what you can, let it grow, do more, snowball those small successes, and build on it.

Don’t wait, move.

What small steps are you taking NOW to build your business?

Let me know with a comment!

About Author

Sterling White

Sterling White started in the real estate industry at a early age back in 2009. The company he co-founded Holdfolio is a real estate crowdfunding platform based in the Indianapolis market. Before founding Holdfolio Sterling and partner Jacob Blackett were involved in the purchasing and selling of 100+ single family homes nationwide. In his free-time he trains for a World Record.


  1. Steve Vaughan

    I like to ask myself – “What will this purchase be worth in 5 years?’ Will it put me in a better place like a house or apt bld? Will it end up in the garage sale pile?
    That question helps me avoid impulse tech gadget, clothes, furniture, appliance, car or ‘toy’ purchases.
    “What will this do for me tomorrow?” Helps curb the fancy coffee and meal purchases.
    Doing something for a memorable experience on purpose is different, of course.
    Wealth building is very much a series of countless small decisions, Sterling. Thank you for educating us once again!

  2. Alexander Ball

    I know something I have struggled with is feeling like due to my lack of wealth, and how much of what wealth I do have is illiquid , I have felt like I couldn’t take a step forward. Is it often true, a little nudge from some external situation outside of my finances has helped me take the step. I’m selling my primary residence, moving into a tiny little apartment closer to work saving both my money (lower rent and transport costs), and my time (shorter commute, no longer a 32 mile bike ride).

    Even if I have to write a check to sell my home, I am now unattached to anything besides my dog, able to save 25% of my income, and by this time next year if I can’t creatively finance a deal I’ll have enough to put a down payment on a sub 40k property I could easily walk to.

    Small little steps. Power wash the siding. Pack the boxes. Move the utilities into my name. Before I know it, and with a little sacrifice and patience, I’ll be able to get into one of these 25-35% COC return deals that exist in my neighborhood.

    And then its little steps all over again!

    Thanks Mr. White.

  3. Hello Sterling,
    Yes, it is important to start with some type of investment if you are dreaming of financial freedom. But, like Brandon once stated in one of his webinar REI takes time and dedication to build wealth. Each small step is in the direction of success. Motivate by action – just get started!

  4. Definitely so much easier to get started by following those who have some proven success. Still a good idea to carve your own path and try new things after you get the ball rolling and taste some of that success, though!

  5. Diane Stinebaugh

    My steps have been education, education, education. Every step of the way on this path to real estate investment there’s some kind of road block or intersection. I love having so many people to reach out to for knowledge,, ideas and opinions. I’ve done tons of reading, made lots of phone calls. It’s a whole new world and fun to learn about!

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