An In-Depth Review of Fund&Grow Alternative Funding

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About the author: Shanah and her partner Bryan are buy and hold real estate investors in the NC market. They own BellBert Investments, LLC (contact: [email protected]) and are always looking for new ways to creatively fund properties. By trade, Shanah is a Holistic Health Advisor with a Master’s Degree of Nutrition and is the co-owner of Cash Wives ExWives, which is geared towards keeping divorce from killing your finances.

If you read my recent post about different funding options, then you will remember that we ran across an interesting alternative funding method. Let me preface this by saying that while the Fund&Grow program (to learn more about Fund&Grow, click here) ultimately didn’t work for us and our situation, as a way of funding, it’s pretty ingenious.


Upon my decision to cancel my Fund&Grow membership, a meeting was scheduled between Ari (CEO), Mike (COO), and me so I could communicate what went wrong and how to potentially avoid it in the future. I really respect companies that take clients’ feedback seriously and are willing to see where the gaps are in order to create the change necessary for a better client experience.

That being said, we ended up having two in-depth calls, one of which featured a screen share. These two meetings were very enlightening for me as well as for them. Both men are very well versed in their areas of expertise and were willing to hear what didn’t work for me with their current business model. This can be a hard pill to swallow for any business owner, but they handled it with grace and were appreciative of my feedback.

The Program

I had one major discrepancy with the program when I went through it: Things were not explained thoroughly enough to me prior to signing up. I am someone who needs all of the information up front so that I can make a fully educated decision.

When I had my conversations with Ari and Mike, they cleared a lot of things up for me that could have been presented differently by their sales team. They told me they are going to work on this. They say they want to ensure that everyone who contacts them is clear on how the program works and all of the pertinent information before they ever sign up. I respect that position fully.

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Nuts & Bolts

So here are the nuts and bolts of how Fund&Grow is designed to work:

  • They have two programs: membership and performance based; the program that most affiliates talk about is the membership program.
  • The membership option is paid for up front.
  • The performance-based option is $1 up front and 9 percent on the back end—after they get you the funding completely.
  • You then begin uploading the required information into the client portal (which doesn’t take too long and isn’t too painful).
  • Fund&Grow starts working on getting funding as soon as all of the documents have been uploaded and completed in full.
  • It usually takes about 2–3 months to get the funding, after all negotiations.

Four examples of starting amounts and final credit limits after all negotiations.

  • Once funding has been received, you then have to get it from the credit cards (I will explain those options in the next section).
  • More funding will be negotiated throughout the year, if need be.

While the bullet points are helpful for me, here is a more in-depth webinar that was featured on BiggerPockets.

Getting Money Out

This is trickier than I thought it was going to be, which was the kicker for me. However, after speaking with Ari and Mike, I realized that a few options that might have made me reconsider weren’t presented to me at the time.

Here are the different ways that money can actually be pulled off the cards:

  • Buying and Selling Gold: This was the method that I was presented with, and it was much too time-consuming for me. Not only that, but this method is based on whatever rate gold is at the day you buy and sell it. Therefore, you could lose money or gain it. Because of the acceptance of cryptocurrency in the gold trade now, it has made the process extremely slow. Due to this, Fund&Grow has been looking into more creative options.
  • Balance Transfers: These can usually be done on the individual credit card company’s website, but sometimes over the phone. Not all credit cards allow this, and the fees vary.
  • Plastiq: This is my favorite method and the one that I would have chosen had I known about it. It is really easy to do. Once you quickly set up an account and add your credit cards and/or bank accounts, you can start paying for things as soon as the next day. For example, if you want to pay off your HELOC, simply use one of the credit cards and submit the amount you want to pay to your HELOC account. A check will be sent to the HELOC to pay off your chosen amount, for a fee of 2.5 percent. Now you have the HELOC line freed up again to purchase another property.
  • Credit Cash Today: This is a new weapon in their arsenal and may be another good, viable option. The premise is similar to Plastiq, but they aren’t sure if this platform is as effective yet.

Interesting Funding Facts

Ari is a wealth of information when it comes to real estate investment funding and how credit works altogether. I thought that I was pretty savvy before, but he imparted some knowledge upon me that I am extremely grateful for. The following information not only makes me a wiser investor, but helps me to understand more of the behind-the-scenes process.

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Hard Money vs. Fund&Grow

While we have multiple avenues to use to get funding, they can be difficult to weed through. But when it comes to the hard money and the Fund&Grow options (to get started with Fund&Grow, click here), I want to show you how the costs break down:

  • Hard money is 12% + 3 points on $100k = $15,000 for a year, whereas Fund&Grow is $3,500 and 2–3% = $6,500 yearly
  • The credit accounts are revolving, can use as much as needed

Credit Behind the Scenes

Apparently there are some credit cards that have absolutely no limit. These are usually called open cards or no-limit cards. Cards of this nature are usually reserved by a bank for its members who have a high enough credit score and are considered wealthy enough to afford no limit.

No Limit

While this sounds great and wonderful, there is a reason why banks do this. There’s a catch 22 for you, the consumer. Since there is no imposed limit, the credit bureaus automatically ding your credit as soon as you charge $1 to any of these cards. These normally wouldn’t count negatively against you, until you go over 35 percent of the credit limit. But since there is no limit to begin with, they just automatically apply the negative credit. This is great for the issuing bank because it means that you really can’t get credit anywhere else now.

Buyer beware! This can be a reason you get declined when you try to get investment funding—and you wouldn’t even know it.

Months Reviewed

The second way we can get blindsided is based on how the lending agencies report the “months reviewed” fields on our credit report. By this I mean that if you take a look at your credit report, for each line of credit, you’ll see a field that shows the months reviewed. The numbers usually go from 1–99 in months. This determines how long you’ve had each line of credit, and that affects your credit score and credit worthiness.

There just so happens to be a second field with the same information, but we as the consumers can’t see it. This field is only for lending agencies to see when they pull our credit. Well, some lending institutions will go in and reset your initial date every time they sell the loan. Sometimes (this happened during the Great Recession) they will go in every month and reset it. This shows up to lenders as if you were getting new credit lines every month, which lowers your credit score. Most of the time, you wouldn’t even know it was going on.

Both of these actions sound really sneaky to me. It is crazy how much just those two things can affect whether or not we can qualify for funding.

Fund&Grow keeps on top of idiosyncrasies like these and goes to bat for its clients each time they submit an account request or an appeal. Since I didn’t even know these were issues to look out for, I am glad to know that they are keeping up with these oddities in the market.

The Finale

I am really happy that Ari and Mike took the time to go through all of the major points with me. They listened to what I had to say and are working on making changes within their company to make everything more transparent and efficient on the front end.

While the program didn’t work for me, I would be willing to give it another try in the future (when I actually have the time to devote to it).

I would love to hear your experience if you have tried Fund&Grow!

Please share below and let me know if you have any questions!

About Author

Shanah Bell

Shanah and her partner Bryan are buy and hold real estate investors in the NC market. They own BellBert Investments, LLC (contact: [email protected]) and are always looking for new ways to creatively fund properties. By trade, Shanah is a Holistic Health Advisor with a Master’s Degree of Nutrition who owns Adaptive Nourishment and is the co-owner of Cash Wives ExWives, which is geared towards keeping divorce from killing your finances.


  1. Curt Smith

    Sounds like unsecured personal loans that come on CC cards. There was a time when boiler rooms where calling investors offering to get $100k unsecured business debt off your LLC / EIN. Advantage is that its on an EIN not your personal SSN / credit report. Also bad (back then) there was no way to get cash off the business CC’s. I got as far as getting a handful of business CC’s with some $30k in limits but I never used any of those cards even once. It was a waste of a $3k up front fee because they did not explain up front that its very very difficult to pull debt off the card as cash. You mentioning plastiq which probably didn’t exist 3 yrs ago sounds ok.

    I would avoid personal SSN debt like this and only go for the business debt off an EIN. From what you are saying above its suicide for your FICO…

    Recently 2 hard money lenders are pitching unsecured personal debt with a 15% back end fee for the amount you draw. But it doesn’t sound like the monthly dingging of your credit report like the above CC based system works. Regardless perhaps its smarter to look for JV partners for cash vs “cash at any costs” like these new unsecured options. We now have a case of be careful for what you ask for: easy debt. LOL

      • Travis Gullickson

        Just to add my two cents…I recently posted a review of F&G in a different spot. There was nothing shady about my experience with them. They helped us secure over $200K in funding in the first round. As some have mentioned, it can be a little involved and using the Goldmoney option was complicated and tested my patience. I did stick with it long enough to make the option work for me and now I see they’re focusing on other, easier to use options such as Plastiq.

        I would say people should sit down and craft a clear strategy before embarking on this or any other capital sourcing endeavor. How much do you need? How will you deploy the capital? How will you get the funds from the cards? What is your plan to pay it back? If you can’t answer those questions, you should not move forward with this, or any other loan for that matter.

        If you don’t understand something, you should NOT move forward with it and then be discouraged with the results. Ask questions until you understand everything and then decide if you want to move forward. If after much effort you still don’t understand, I would say this is not a good fit for you.

        Again, for us, it was a great experience. Could I have done this myself? Sure, but it would require much more effort and would be less effective than partnering with the experts. They had a lot of detailed knowledge of how to most effectively work with each lender. To me an analogy would be handling the drywall in a rental house or apartment building. Could I do it, sure. Would I do it, not a chance!

        • Shanah Bell

          I can agree with you on your take of Fund and Grow, Travis. While this is something that I could do, and have quite a few credit cards that I don’t use simply because I have had them for years and they help my debt to income ratio for my credit score, I just don’t have the time to do it. Not only that, but they have created relationships with these specific credit card companies to negotiate higher credit limits than I would have access to by myself. While the experience didn’t work for our situation, I do believe that there is merit in their business model and I am happy to hear that it worked out well for you!

      • Josh Vassar

        I used Fund & Grow two years ago and had a great experience. I’m sure their are sleazy companies out there, but F&G is NOT one of them. They were very responsive to all my questions and helped my wife & I receive over 120k in funding.

        We used 72k of it and bought a BRRR property which we now have as a rental and is generating positive cashflow. Having multiple credit cards takes a bit more time to manage compared to a large credit line or a home equity line of credit. For me it was a great way to get access to cash for our rehab. Two years after I received those credit cards, I still receive 0% APR checks for 12 month time periods with only a 3% transaction fee.

        If you are looking to have a company get you funding with credit cards and can pay them back in full within the zero APR time period (typcially 6 -12 months) I would definitely recommend Fund & Grow.

  2. Dave Rav

    Oh man, you did a full-on review of the “multiple credit card” program. Thats good as it will inform those looking to consider this method. As I said in a post a day or two ago (and I think I tried tagging you) I am NOT a fan of this method. Couple reasons:

    – you can DIY (no middle man needed). I’m proof of this. I have successfully secured a business credit card with an INITIAL line of $19k. Its now at $45k. And I could’ve had a couple more cards. Have had other offers for lines ranging from $5k to 10k but turned them down. My reason for turning down is next..

    – who they heck wants to manage 5 or more credit cards with small line limits (thats typically 5 different banks, with 5 sets of “rules”, 5 sets of due dates, 5 different introductory periods, 5 different interest rates … you get the point!). All for lines of $10k thereabouts each. No thanks! Now offer me lines of $100k each, and we can definitely talk!!!

    – less expensive. Why do I need to involve a 3rd party salesman? I can look into the banks personally, and get all details straight from the horse’s mouth. And because I am cutting out the (very) unnecessary middle man, I will probably get better less expensive terms. Same result.

    Finally, they say if you have a problem with something bring a solution. Here you go: go after a true business line of credit (LOC). I will warn you, this wont work for brand new LLCs or entities. You have to have some kind of cashflow. So, maybe after your first property, go for this! Would also make a great option for those who have maxxed out their conventional mortgage options. The best part of this advice – its free!

    • Andrea Rivera

      It’s important for everyone to explore their options and know what is right for them. There are many more applications of the Fund and Grow program far outside the real estate industry. Fund and is a perfect fit for me and I am enjoying a stellar customer service experience with them. In my case Fund and Grow is filling a huge gap for graduates of medical school. When you have $300k in students loans even if your mid credit score is 736, conventional lenders will not approve your application because of debt to income ratio. I was just refused a home mortgage even though I was willing to put 30% down. I owned my own business and other properties since 1992 and worked all through school. I have income and an established consultant business paying taxes for the last 8 years with my other certifications in the health and wellness industry. It was very disappointing after working so hard to maintain my credit rating and savings and still be refused a conventional loan to expand my wellness consultant business in the practice I earned the right to create. Fund and Grow is providing me with all the capital I need to use my new degree and license that will dramatically increase my income building my practice over the next three years. As a clinician the last thing I want to do is spend my time on doing Fund and Grow’s job. My time is best spent treating patients. And since I have been my own book keeper filling my own taxes for my own businesses for over 25 years, managing the $22,400 over 3 business credit lines Fund and Grow got me approved for in just 9 days, with more approvals on the way, is a walk in the park. As a result, my goal is to share my positive experience with everyone I can with similar circumstances from student loan debt. I can use these credit lines long term, not only to build my practice to pay off my student loans, but also buy my own home and pay off my mortgage in 10 years or less. If I had to settle for conventional loans I can’t qualify for until 10 years from now after I pay off my student loans, I would throw away a lot of money renting my primary residence, delay my retirement and cripple my financial future. Using the Fund and Grow program now is a far better choice.

    • Shanah Bell


      I do believe that I saw your mention from my previous article and hopefully I responded! As for your response to this article, we have tried to get an LOC but have had no luck, even though we have one cash flowing rental property. The banks all say that we need to be in business for at least 2 years before they will even entertain the idea of an LOC, which is very frustrating because the interest rate would be so much better than the potential interest on credit cards if we can’t get a conventional mortgage. Which brings me the the latter part of your response regarding conventional mortgages. We are still trying to get one on our first property to no avail. Have you been able to attain one with only one or two rental properties? If so, which bank?

  3. Jeremy A.

    i tried interviewing with them after bp recommendation, but lady never replied back to my third email. she had Commission breath it seemed. and dropped me after asking too many questions due to vagueness of her answers.

    • Shanah Bell

      Jeremy, that was an issue that I ran across in the very beginning as well. According to the guys at F & G, they are working on retraining all of their sales people as to the full structure of their program due to the vagueness that myself and others have run across.

  4. Shannon S.

    Sorry…I have to say, I really feel this is a very well written and sort of sneaky ad for Fund and Grow. Especially since there are disclaimers on the links. Maybe I’m behind the curve but when did BP start doing this type of thing? No malice intended with this comment, just making an observation and asking a question.

    • Shanah Bell

      Shannon, I appreciate your take on the article. I am not advocating for any one funding method, especially since Fund and Grow didn’t work for us, as I clearly mentioned. I only wrote this article because I have had multiple investors reach out to me, via email and in person, to ask about what I have found that works and hasn’t worked for us with regards to funding so far. And to be honest, most of what I have found doesn’t work for us which is extremely frustrating because I have put a lot of time into researching any funding options that I run across. My goal was to fully inform other investors about this funding method so that they don’t have to go through the many hours of conversations, digging and potential funds that I did. If they decide, after getting all of the information, that it is a good fit for them and their needs, then wonderful. But if they decide that it isn’t, which is where we are at, then I have saved them some time and they can continue looking for other funding methods. Does this help clarify my reason for writing this article?

  5. Daniel Vagasky

    The articles on this website are pretty disappointing. Who in their right mind would do this? Take out a bunch of credit cards, and then essentially commit fraud to secure cash from these cards? As long as everything is go-go-go and you can stay ahead of the payments…maybe…but the second a property gets held up, ugh you are going to get crushed.

    As others have commented, you can just get these cards yourself, without the onerous fees, if you’re feeling lucky.

    The article I read before this advised splitting 100k “50% in real estate, 25% in oil, 25% in cryptocurrency”. W.T.F. Still clicking around to see if there is anything halfway intelligent on here, but I hope people realize a lot of what is on here is clickbait, poorly thought out and EXTREMELY RISKY.

    • Andrew Ziebro

      I agree. I’ve largely stopped reading. There is no consistent point of view and a lot of “rah rah, look at me, I did so many deals and made so much money, so do what I did”! Constantly conflicting articles. I like reading the forums and comments as they add a lot more value.

      • Shanah Bell

        I agree, Andrew. I like to believe that I write in a different style, which is 100% based on our experiences to date. I have gotten quite a few private emails from other investors on BP thanking me for NOT being another investor saying “Rah Rah, look at me” and instead am open about all of the missteps we have taken to date. If our mistakes can help other people save their time and money, then I have helped and that is really my only purpose in doing these. BP doesn’t pay us to write these and I get no compensation, so I take time out of my schedule to write these articles when I can, just so that I can pass along what I have learned. To that point, I hope that at least some of my articles may have helped.

    • Shanah Bell

      Daniel, I agree that some of the articles that I have run across have not been to my liking and a lot of it seems to only be success stories. This is why I have only been writing about our experiences and our journey into becoming real estate investors. If you read my other articles, you will see that we have done a few things wrong, which is easy to do in this genre because there is so much information and misinformation out there that it makes it difficult to weed through. With my articles, I am only sharing what I have gone through in hopes that it will help other investors make the best decision for them and their situation. If my mistakes help others avoid them, then awesome!

  6. Andrew Ziebro

    I started Fund and Grow last October. They promised me up to $80,000 after 2 rounds of funding requests. What I got was $10,000.

    I needed to use that money right away and paradoxically that hurt my chances of getting more. My credit score dropped enough that they couldn’t do the next round. They said they will work with me as long as it takes to get the promised amount. It might take me some time to pay down the credit usage I already have to bump up my score and then try for another round of credit cards.

    So overall, I’m very unhappy with what was promised and what was delivered.

    Also, the Goldmoney option for pulling the cash out of the credit cards is extremely complicated and I think they should abandon it. It took me months to get it set up.

    Overall grade so far? D

    • Antoinette Pona

      Sorry to hear you didn’t get your promised funds. I would have to say “what really happened?” based on your profile. We can’t force any banking institution to give something they don’t see as a viable business partner. If you did not get what you wanted, then complain all the way up the chain. Now, for me I understood what the probability would be, even with a promise. I didn’t expect for more then I can handle. As a new business, Fund and Grow helped me get my business off the ground. They did just fine with me.

    • Gabriel Hernandez

      Hi Andrew, hang in there I started my round of applications with Fund and Grow a little over a year ago and got off to a slow start also. I applied a long with my wife and with the help of John Madison, he helped us acquire over 200k in lines of credit by the time we finished our applications. I had an issue with one of the creditors and John help me out tremendously, they stand by there work. So I believe that they will for you also.

      This is just one avenue to help acquire funding for a new business or to purchase real estate. You can use this funding along with a HELOC, private money or any other method u want to combine with it. When it comes to funding you have to be creative. I would say funding is the most difficult part of starting a business or investing. So I would recommend to stay motivated and it will work out in the end for you also.

      As for me, my experience started slow but turn out great so I would give them an A.
      Good luck with the next rounds of funding.

    • Gabriel Hernandez

      Hi Andrew, hang in there I applied with Fund and Grow just over a year ago and got off to a slow start also. With the help of John Madison he helped us acquire over 200 thousand. I had an issue with one of the creditors and John helped me through it. I can say fist hand they stand by there work.
      My experience with Fund and Grow was slow in the beginning but it ended great for me. Good luck in the next round of funding.

  7. Arielle Levav

    My experience with Fund & Grow has been really great! A lot of these comments have eluded to being able to apply for these accounts on your own. To be honest, I would not have wanted to spend the time to negotiate with the lenders and I would definitely have not gotten as much as I did. My negotiations took over six weeks but it was well worth it. My specialist put in such great effort to continue negotiating with the lenders after I received my cards and got three of the card limits increased. I would not have had the know how to convince these lenders to extend my limits and she was Always available to communicate with.

    The other piece that really sold me on using Fund & Grow to get my business capital is that if I responsibly manage my accounts they will apply again with the same lenders for continuing to increase my cards at zero percent interest. You can’t beat that!

  8. Antoinette Pona

    Using Fund and Grow at this time is great helping my business grow. I am not going to get cash out because of it is not my intent. They are helping me with information to get credit limits for me not to overwhelm my usage. They guidance and steps are perfect. So, if you are able to do it yourself – do it. Fund and Grow isn’t for everyone, it is for those who don’t have time to know how the financial world works. Start up individuals with bad credit, limited credit history or those who don’t care if they have to pay someone else to help, it is worth it. I don’t expect a $50,000 line of credit at the beginning, $20,000 is a great start. Fund and Grow should check out what someone could be expect and not promised. To me, knowing from the start, what not to expect, was perfect. I don’t recommend anything unless I get the results I am above satisfied. My story is still ongoing….

  9. Mark Schwartz

    I used the services of Fund and Grow to secure business credit cards for me as I didn’t have the time or inclination to do the work myself. Brandon Kroon was extremely helpful and offered advice when needed and coached me along the way. Other people from the office were also very helpful and I felt that they were really trying to help me understand what I was getting in to. I am waiting to buy my next fix and flip house so I can start to use the credit cards to finance the cost of the acquisition and rehab. The only caution that I would advise other people who use credit cards to finance their business is to make sure that they have a way to make the monthly payments and a way to finally pay them off.

  10. Evelio Gonzalez

    I had an absolutely great experience with Fund and Grow. John Madison able to help me acquire $33k of funding with 0% interest in just a matter of weeks. Now I’m deploying these funds into my real estate business to grow faster than ever would have been possible.

  11. Dan Barli

    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to jump in and let you know that I had success with Fund & Grow and am very happy with them. Me and my wife applied through them and were able to obtain over $60K in various lines of credit.

    I would highly recommend them to others, and already have!

    Dan Barli

  12. Valerie Odom

    As someone who has actually gone through the Fund & Grow program, I read this article and can attest to the accuracy of it, as well as the pros and cons of doing this type of funding. The Fund & Grow program worked perfectly for my business needs. I had very specific requirements and knew exactly how I wanted to use the program “going in and coming out” of it. We were able to secure over $93,000 in business credit and because of careful planning and strategy, knew how to maximize that amount to benefit our business, pay down some personal credit lines and develop a strategy to pay off that debt without fear of the amounts escalating due to high interest rates.

    Sure, I could have done it myself, but I know without a doubt it wouldn’t have happened in a little under 6 weeks and probably wouldn’t have been able to get as much. One thing I’ve learned in business and that is the value of my time vs. my money. Using the F&G program enabled me to spend my time on my core business, searching for homes, putting deals together and making money.

    The long & short of it is funding your business through the use of business credit lines is just one strategy for an investor, and it may not be a good fit for everyone. However, a savvy business owner will first have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish, thoroughly research this strategy to see if it will enable them to accomplish their goal, get all their questions answered and all concerns addressed, before selecting this approach. I am eternally grateful to Fund & Grow for their help, efficiency and knowledge, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

    • Shanah Bell

      Valerie, I greatly appreciate your in depth response to this article. You fully articulated the main point that I was trying to get across. This is just another funding avenue for investors and it may not be a good fit for everyone based on their circumstances. But knowing what the program entails fully gives other investors the information needed to be more educated about another potential funding option.

  13. Cynthia Nieto

    My husband and I so far have had a nice experience with Fund and Grow. We are new to investing and wanted to get help with funding so we were referred to Fund and Grow. I think it’s a good option for those who are starting a business and need assistance. But like with anything, everyone should do their homework and do what’s best for them. We just finished our first round on personal credit and will be looking forward to the next round of business credit.

  14. Morris Cohen

    This program is perfect for my flipping business. I got over $200k in zero APR business credit cards. Although I am getting 100% financing, my contractors want material draws and these zero apr credit cards helps me bridge the gap given the fact that the bank only funds completed work. this allowed me to do multiple flips at a time when I was originally only able to do one. This was a HUGE game changer for me to expand given the 9-15 month zero apr period.

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