Jonathan Godes

05 May 2016

I have partnered with a dozen investors over the last couple of years, and without a doubt, Mark is the best. His ethics and integrity are beyond reproach. He is communicative and a natural-born problem solver. His knowledge and experience is top notch. Thank you Mark - you are a fantastic partner!

Jay Hinrichs

03 March 2016

Jay is both a gentleman and a businessman. He has a wealth of knowledge after many years in the real estate business. Working his way through every facet of real estate after starting as an agent, he has seen the ups and downs in the market over the years. His knowledge is an asset to anyone in the real estate business. Jay is a man of his word and follows through on his promises. I would never hesitate to do business with Jay.

Jonathan Godes

03 March 2016

Jonathan is a true professional who is passionate about his real estate investments. He has good instincts and is excellent to do business with. Everything you need in a business partner, you will find in Jonathan. I would not hesitate to do business with Jonathan.

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