David Lucas

20 September 2016

Mark is a seasoned commercial investor and syndicator. I first heard Mark speak on the "The Lifetime Cashflow Podcast" and "The Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast" I requested a 30 minute phone call with Mark and he accepted my request. A week or so later, we connected on the phone—I gained a ton of insights from that conversation. What's more, I found Mark to be incredibly generous, professional, and trustworthy. I highly recommend Mark as an asset manager, syndicator, and real estate mentor.

Dante Pirouz

14 December 2016

I first heard Mark on a podcast and I was so impressed by his ability to execute his business vision into a successful series of investments. His expertise in sophisticated real estate transactions is top tier. He was extremely valuable in helping me to crystalize my investment planning. And above all he's just a really nice guy...that says it all in my book!

David Lucas

08 September 2016

David possesses all the qualities of a highly successful investor and syndicator, so it doesn't surprise me he has so rapidly grown his portfolio. His passion for real estate, people and learning is both inspiring and addictive. For anyone building a team, or looking for a partner, you would be wise to reach out and get to know David.

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