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  • John Cohran "The King of Systems"
    Replied August 20, 2018
    @Rebecca Ramos - I'm sorry that this happened to you.  There really are some great trainers in the industry and I hope that you find someone that you can resonate with who is ho... See more
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  • Deals thru wholesalers
    Replied February 13, 2018
    @Justin Hayman - primarily just in AZ myself, but I work with and mentor people from across U.S. so whenever they get a deal, I help them wholesale it too.  Most recently some h... See more
    Reply 13 replies
  • Mentoring Cost $20,000
    Replied February 13, 2018
    @Terry Miller - most don't offer guarantees because we can't guarantee people will take action on what they are taught.  BP and every FB group for REI is full of people with dre... See more
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