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Our real estate agent forum is the place for licensed agents to network and learn from one another, to find referrals and to discuss strategies, marketing, and other issues relevant to being a real estate agent. It is also a good place for investors and others to meet and network with those agents.

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I finally got my license and start my new job Friday!
Started by Sarah Stratton
10 Tiny 1436468385 avatar hayssevilla Last post by David H.
about 1 hour ago
Maryland Realtors
Started by Kevin Lackland
18 Tiny 1399687340 avatar chris ramirez Last post by Christina R.
about 1 hour ago
Florida Real Estate Exam dump or cram
Started by Andy Gonzalez
7 No avatar tiny Last post by Jennifer Moore
about 4 hours ago
Local Realtor® & MLS-only Boards? (Los Angeles area)
Started by Neil G.
3 Tiny 1439940963 avatar neilg4 Last post by Neil G.
about 4 hours ago
Agents who work with investors
Started by Zack Broaddus
1 Tiny 1399679909 avatar reipositivity Last post by Alex Harris
about 6 hours ago
Real estate programs in Houston, Tx
Started by Denita Ozenne
12 Tiny 1440547404 avatar denitao Last post by Denita Ozenne
about 6 hours ago
Confused about licensing and flipping (TX)
Started by Sarah T.
13 Tiny 1421684118 avatar sarahnell Last post by Sarah T.
about 14 hours ago
Best "big/well known" agency to work for?
Started by Sarah Stratton
3 Tiny 1399752896 avatar sbsarah Last post by Sarah Stratton
about 18 hours ago
Is a license needed to work in property management?
Started by Nick Armstrong
6 No avatar tiny Last post by Nick Armstrong
about 19 hours ago
Advice finding sponsoring broker Illinois to hang license for fee
Started by Michelle Puklin
6 Tiny 1412031240 avatar lumi Last post by Lumi Ispas
about 21 hours ago
Need a realtor in Winston Salem NC
Started by Qendrim Marku
0 Tiny 1440110867 avatar qendrim Last post by Qendrim Marku
about 22 hours ago
How can I help you?
Started by Vincent Ames
2 Tiny 1440879658 avatar nbritton70 Last post by Nick Britton
about 22 hours ago
A Texas RE License Journey
Started by Shane Woods
42 Tiny 1399562700 avatar shaneintx Last post by Shane Woods
1 day ago
Broker with MLS Texas
Started by Zack Lofton
1 Tiny 1435601873 avatar loanrangercap Last post by Zack Lofton
1 day ago
Agents Do You Prefer Large Brand Name or Small Boutique Brokerage
Started by Russell Brazil
18 Tiny 1435934263 avatar lees2 Last post by Lee S.
1 day ago
License exam and Hondros pre-licensing
Started by Bryan B.
5 Tiny 1440282267 avatar farquhlr Last post by Lauren Farquhar
1 day ago
Part time agent with 4-5 days availability?
Started by Michael Iacono
3 No avatar tiny Last post by Michael Iacono
1 day ago
Closing gifts
Started by Joey Dwyer
12 Tiny 1399779732 avatar joey d Last post by Joey Dwyer
1 day ago
Agent in Savannah, GA
Started by Ricay Hefley
3 Tiny 1435621038 avatar krhefley Last post by Ricay Hefley
2 days ago
Question about Buyer's Property Contingency and Relase Clause
Started by Brandon Snyder
4 No avatar tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
2 days ago

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