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Forum for agents to network and learn from one another. Find referrals! Discuss strategies, marketing, and other issues relevant to being a real estate agent. Also a good place for investors and others to meet and network with those agents.

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difference between a real estate agent and real estate broker?
Started by Andrew Kala
6 Tiny_1399725301-avatar-james345 James Syed
3 months ago
Joint Tenancy noob question
Started by Gwen B.
7 Tiny_1402589737-avatar-gkbanchero Gwen B.
3 months ago
Horrible grammar in a listing
Started by Cal C.
4 Tiny_1399759008-avatar-nevertheless Sylvia B.
3 months ago
How can I find agents from other brokers willing to pass along buyer leads for a portion of the commission?
Started by Kevin Fox
9 Tiny_1401322703-avatar-jetsetterrealty Kevin Fox
3 months ago
New Agent Moving To Austin TX
Started by Lamontay Garrett
0 Tiny_1399790332-avatar-taygarrett84 Lamontay Garrett
3 months ago
What software do real estate agents currently use?
Started by Aaron Weller
2 Tiny_1399703022-avatar-rehabber7_tn Bryan L.
3 months ago
Best/Cheapest place to get licensed in or around Cincinnati
Started by Jason Ligon
2 Tiny_1399742238-avatar-adamloc09 Adam Lochtefeld
3 months ago
commission splits and expectations from my future broker
Started by Joey Dwyer
9 Tiny_1399703022-avatar-rehabber7_tn Bryan L.
3 months ago
Looking for RE company in Orlando
Started by Erin Wysocki
1 Tiny_1399785760-avatar-jc_gauthier JC Gauthier
3 months ago
What SPECIFIC brokers do agents like?
Started by Felipe Munoz
9 Tiny_1405771073-avatar-mike1126 Mike Gallagher
3 months ago
Are there any real estate agents or brokers in Greenville, SC
Started by Warren Sterling
0 Tiny_1399577034-avatar-warrens Warren Sterling
3 months ago
Recommandations of Property Manager/management group in Oviedo FL Area?
Started by Mike H.
0 Tiny_1399768103-avatar-nightails Mike H.
3 months ago
Investor-turned RE Agent!!
Started by Mike Bryant
7 Tiny_1399610684-avatar-cavallithe3rd Tony Cavalli
3 months ago
Advice on finding a Broker to hang my hat with
Started by Sabrina Calnan
6 Tiny_1399407635-avatar-djax David Jackson
3 months ago
Licensed agent using their own contract for contract assignment
Started by Steven Fitzen
10 Tiny_1399763050-avatar-songbird08 Kim Book
3 months ago
Looking to get my brokers license
Started by Sean Kuhn
10 Tiny_1399763050-avatar-songbird08 Kim Book
3 months ago
Do you do short sales???
Started by Scott Hearne
2 Tiny_1399763050-avatar-songbird08 Kim Book
3 months ago
Looking for experienced bulldog of an agent in Philadelphia for primary residence
Started by Troy Sheets
12 Tiny_1399685001-avatar-shawncouch Shawn Couch
3 months ago
Everything is better in TX?
Started by Amanda Mueller
12 Tiny_1399789818-avatar-tgross Tim Gross
3 months ago
New agent ?
Started by Alex Flowers
4 Tiny_1399703022-avatar-rehabber7_tn Bryan L.
3 months ago

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