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Our real estate agent forum is the place for licensed agents to network and learn from one another, to find referrals and to discuss strategies, marketing, and other issues relevant to being a real estate agent. It is also a good place for investors and others to meet and network with those agents.

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Start-Up Advice: Where Shall I Begin?
Started by Pam Black
7 Tiny_1424461214-avatar-pamblack Last post by Pam Black
2 months ago
New Agent stuck on Step one.
Started by Jorge Ortega
5 Tiny_1414163759-avatar-jenbayhigennaro Last post by Jennifer Bayhi Gennaro
2 months ago
Seeking assistance with MLS searches in Northern VA, $500 deal fee
Started by Brian Huber
1 Tiny_1419822525-avatar-dennisp2 Last post by Dennis Poulsen
2 months ago
Need a sponsoring broker in north dfw
Started by Jeff Richardson
5 Tiny_1399515950-avatar-marianlibrarian Last post by Marian Smith
2 months ago
Step 1: Real Estate License...Good Idea?
Started by Andrew V.
4 Tiny_1407077952-avatar-jonjay Last post by Jon Huber
2 months ago
RE Agent in Inland Empire
Started by Ben Durwood
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Leonard L.
2 months ago
Indiana Realtor Recommendations
Started by Ryan Huck
4 Tiny_1399477545-avatar-hhs Last post by Shawn Holsapple
2 months ago
Looking for connections in Florida
Started by Kim Vandermark
1 Tiny_1399686653-avatar-ajspilot Last post by Eric Black
2 months ago
Need property / investment management in San Antonio, TX
Started by Rayan Faris
7 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Account Closed
2 months ago
Need a investor friendly real estate agent in alabama!!!
Started by Naveen Anbalagan
2 Tiny_1399655189-avatar-hipsterali Last post by Ali Boone
2 months ago
Houston (Conroe) area Realtor recommendations
Started by Casey Miles
2 Tiny_1425059415-avatar-ethomson Last post by Eric Thomson
2 months ago
Kick back or gift card to listing agent?
Started by Sandra Holt
25 Tiny_1426284854-avatar-double_a_ron Last post by Aaron Ramm
2 months ago
Agent wants 2% for not selling a house
Started by Marc Pfleger
78 Tiny_1421358802-avatar-jesset1 Last post by Jesse T.
2 months ago
Should a newbie get his license/what courses are best?
Started by Brian Tracy
3 Tiny_1420854184-avatar-chrisf79 Last post by Chris Farrugia
2 months ago
Are rebates given by a realtor taxable
Started by John McClain
2 Tiny_1399519705-avatar-zsikes Last post by Zach Sikes
2 months ago
Seeking northern Virginia realtor/ wholesaler
Started by Adam Stanton
0 Tiny_1399728449-avatar-newlane Last post by Adam Stanton
2 months ago
Help! New Agent Just Put My 1st House Under Contract. Now what?
Started by Scott Le
7 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Scott Le
2 months ago
Looking for a realtor in NE Atlanta
Started by Phil Workman
3 Tiny_1423614628-avatar-philw1 Last post by Phil Workman
2 months ago
Watchman's Contract?
Started by Johnna Lodge
0 Tiny_1399704579-avatar-jlodge Last post by Johnna Lodge
2 months ago
Watchman's Contract?
Started by Johnna Lodge
0 Tiny_1399704579-avatar-jlodge Last post by Johnna Lodge
2 months ago

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