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Own income property, or do you just flip properties? No matter what you do, there are tax & legal implications. Discuss contracts, non-competes, non-disclosures, etc., as well as Self-Directed IRAs

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Free Accounting Software: GnuCash v QuickBooks?
Started by Kenneth G.
10 Tiny_1403313351-avatar-nattydread Last post by Roy N.
about 1 hour ago
Asset Protection
Started by Sarah Jones
19 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Kenneth G.
about 3 hours ago
Foreclosure Lawyer
Started by Jasmine Sullivan
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Jasmine Sullivan
about 3 hours ago
Suiing the seller
Started by Sam Dal
3 Tiny_1398938869-avatar-sam007 Last post by Sam Dal
about 3 hours ago
Real Estate Lawyer to Write up Rental Agreement
Started by Robert P.
7 Tiny_1421179163-avatar-donaldm2 Last post by Donald Morrison
about 3 hours ago
Another quit claim question
Started by Jason Vandermark
2 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Bill G.
about 6 hours ago
Can a Limited Partnership buy in all US states?
Started by Sandeep Dhall
3 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Kenneth G.
about 7 hours ago
QuickBooks Online for Real Estate Investor
Started by Brett Snodgrass
11 Tiny_1416603163-avatar-natalierose Last post by Natalie Kolodij
about 13 hours ago
Best questions to ask when interviewing a new CPA firm?
Started by Lee Huffman
2 Tiny_1432255637-avatar-brentp4 Last post by Brent Paul
about 15 hours ago
Started by Corinne Faivre
2 No_avatar_tiny Last post by French Broad
about 18 hours ago
Q's for RE Attorney
Started by Lawrence Eddy
0 Tiny_1431562979-avatar-lawrenceeddy Last post by Lawrence Eddy
about 21 hours ago
Making a private loan out of SDIRA to the buyer of a property I own
Started by Jean G.
6 Tiny_1398784765-avatar-wheatie Last post by Jon Holdman
about 22 hours ago
investment minded CPA in Texas
Started by Matthew Berry
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Matthew Berry
about 23 hours ago
CPA in Austin, TX with Real Estate Knowledge?
Started by Jared Hohensee
4 Tiny_1416603163-avatar-natalierose Last post by Natalie Kolodij
1 day ago
Capital gain
Started by Mohabub Miah
1 Tiny_1399650339-avatar-calrehabber Last post by Mike J
1 day ago
Activities Permitted with A Checkbook IRA
Started by Kathie Riedel
22 Tiny_1399788515-avatar-lewpayne Last post by Lew Payne
1 day ago
S-Corp vs C-Corp
Started by Nghi Le
20 Tiny_1404022139-avatar-nghile Last post by Nghi Le
1 day ago
Checkbook LLC IRA and Personally held precious metal coins
Started by Mr Naj
4 Tiny_1423899005-avatar-mysolo401k Last post by Mark Nolan
1 day ago
LLC Start up
Started by Ashanta Randolph
10 Tiny_1431980836-avatar-txlawyer Last post by James Miller
1 day ago
DE Series LLC & each series for properties in respective state
Started by Naveen Desai
1 Tiny_1431980836-avatar-txlawyer Last post by James Miller
1 day ago

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