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Own income property, or do you just flip properties? No matter what you do, there are tax & legal implications. Discuss contracts, non-competes, non-disclosures, etc., as well as Self-Directed IRAs

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Looking for resources to learn about SDIRA s and SDIRA LLCs
Started by Michael Sjogren
6 Tiny 1399477545 avatar hhs Last post by Shawn Holsapple
30 minutes ago
SCOTUS, gay marriage, and dower rights.
Started by Jeff Rabinowitz
2 Tiny 1403313351 avatar nattydread Last post by Roy N.
about 2 hours ago
Washington State Purchase and Sale Agreement Question
Started by Christopher Bowen
0 Tiny 1399744216 avatar bowencj21 Last post by Christopher Bowen
about 3 hours ago
Bought duplex personally but now want to have my LLC own/manage it...
Started by Chad Hurin
3 Tiny 1406476514 avatar hurin Last post by Chad Hurin
about 4 hours ago
Wholesale Contracts and Clauses for Virginia?
Started by Cody Gentry
1 Tiny 1435603053 avatar kristas Last post by Krista Scales
about 4 hours ago
Establishing depreciation basis for primary residency converted to rental
Started by Ian Lord
3 Tiny 1399740211 avatar bhall005 Last post by Brandon Hall
about 6 hours ago
Started by Anthony Murphy
1 Tiny 1423899005 avatar mysolo401k Last post by Mark Nolan
about 7 hours ago
Tax reassessment home inspection. Let them in?
Started by Jake Recz
6 Tiny 1399439494 avatar shabaka nj Last post by Ibrahim Hughes
about 8 hours ago
Explanation of a contract to purchase land
Started by Scott Johnson
0 Tiny 1427811760 avatar scottj2 Last post by Scott Johnson
about 8 hours ago
Best Tax Shelters Using Paper Losses
Started by Bryan Hancock
1 Tiny 1399445628 avatar bryanhancock Last post by Bryan Hancock
about 12 hours ago
custodian for self directed IRA
Started by Jack Lewis
10 Tiny 1434903723 avatar wakeproperties Last post by Chris Martin
about 23 hours ago
Are you the next target?
Started by Stan Johnson
4 Tiny 1399782974 avatar matty2tan Last post by Matt Sicignano
1 day ago
Can my IRA lend money to my business partner for OUR real estate deals?
Started by Jordan Williamson
8 Tiny 1405465857 avatar safeguardira Last post by Brian Eastman
1 day ago
Lived in primary residence in CA 2 years, rented out for 1 year. Will I have to pay capital gains???
Started by Brad Srutowski
2 Tiny 1399587364 avatar mattdevincenzo Last post by Matt Devincenzo
1 day ago
My Property Management Company took $8,000 from us!! What to do?
Started by Kyle Denmark
10 Tiny 1431980836 avatar txlawyer Last post by James Miller
1 day ago
Creating a LLC startup cost
Started by Roy Vereen
4 Tiny 1431980836 avatar txlawyer Last post by James Miller
1 day ago
LLC setup in Texas - who has done it? Is it worth it?
Started by Earnie Larkin
3 Tiny 1431980836 avatar txlawyer Last post by James Miller
1 day ago
What is the typical 50/50 deal of a silent partner?
Started by Rohan J.
22 Tiny 1431980836 avatar txlawyer Last post by James Miller
1 day ago
CA Attorney Familiar with FSBO/Wholesales
Started by Ryan L.
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Ryan L.
2 days ago
Seeking advice promissory note
Started by Lawrence Barnes
2 Tiny 1399759194 avatar jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
2 days ago

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