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Own income property, or do you just flip properties? No matter what you do, there are tax & legal implications. Discuss contracts, non-competes, non-disclosures, etc., as well as Self-Directed IRAs

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Recent Ruling - Foreclosing on Nevada HOA liens
Started by Rick Harmon
2 Tiny_1399566214-avatar-phildwyer Phillip Dwyer
39 minutes ago
Needing A West Texas Real Estate Lawyer!
Started by Michael King
2 No_avatar_tiny Michael King
about 1 hour ago
NEEDED: Referral for Portuguese-speaking Florida R.E. Accountant
Started by Levi Bennett
1 Tiny_1404278278-avatar-gonzhomes Vladimir Gonzalez
about 2 hours ago
Good idea to start investing in two different states?
Started by Andreas F.
4 No_avatar_tiny Andreas F.
about 2 hours ago
Tax question: Foreigner USA property financing options ? In Chicago?
Started by Jason Yap
1 Tiny_1410470936-avatar-markcreason Mark Creason
about 3 hours ago
Junior Lien Issue On My Foreclosure Purchase...
Started by Dustin DuFault
57 Tiny_1404746089-avatar-chad_urbshott Chad Urbshott
about 4 hours ago
LLC & Self Employment Tax
Started by Jeremy Chaudet
0 Tiny_1401680410-avatar-jchaudet Jeremy Chaudet
about 11 hours ago
Using 401 K money to pay off my primary mortgage - Good or bad idea ?
Started by Westin Hudnall
38 Tiny_1408816344-avatar-daveinpgh David R.
about 12 hours ago
Tax write off for my LLC
Started by Caleb Carlson
1 Tiny_1410359115-avatar-locklandman Mark Del Grosso
about 14 hours ago
Started by Lindsay Wilcox
11 Tiny_1408328843-avatar-outlier Brad Carrier
about 14 hours ago
Legal Zoom for LLC
Started by Raj Tirur
5 No_avatar_tiny Casey York
about 16 hours ago
New Jersey / New York probate and refi confusion
Started by Keith Anderson
7 Tiny_1410538205-avatar-keith1961 Keith Anderson
about 19 hours ago
Would like to pay an attorney to review my contracts
Started by Chris Bryant
2 No_avatar_tiny Chris Bryant
about 21 hours ago
Real Estate IRA vs. Solo 401k
Started by David B.
31 No_avatar_tiny Jeff Astor
about 22 hours ago
Can I buy a property with cash or have it financed, then sell it to my SDIRA or Solo-401K plan?
Started by Sam Leon
6 No_avatar_tiny Jeff Astor
about 23 hours ago
Tired Landlord Selling 36 SFR Properties
Started by Richard McCray
10 Tiny_1399350425-avatar-richardmccray Richard McCray
about 23 hours ago
Deducting Origination Costs on Line of Credit
Started by Paul C.
2 No_avatar_tiny Paul C.
1 day ago
California Residents Owning Out of State Property (Florida)
Started by Will F.
4 Tiny_1399739881-avatar-amandahmporter Amanda Porter
1 day ago
Quickbooks - how to add previously acquired asset and accumulated depreciation
Started by Doug McLeod
4 Tiny_1405612710-avatar-gita_faust Gita Faust
2 days ago
Two company LLC structure as asset protection strategy
Started by Nick B.
6 Tiny_1408677866-avatar-nborod Nick B.
2 days ago

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