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Own income property, or do you just flip properties? No matter what you do, there are tax & legal implications. Discuss contracts, non-competes, non-disclosures, etc., as well as Self-Directed IRAs

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CPA & Attorney
Started by Chris Grant
3 Tiny_1418761275-avatar-matayl Last post by Matt Taylor
31 minutes ago
Started by Edward C.
1 Tiny_1399601275-avatar-dixonsa Last post by Scott Dixon
about 17 hours ago
Pooling Investors Money
Started by Connor Williams
6 Tiny_1416281034-avatar-oldfarmhands Last post by Tom Lane
about 17 hours ago
How Hiring Cheap Labor Can Be Bad
Started by Jeremy Tillotson
2 Tiny_1418443056-avatar-fortwayneinvest Last post by Jeremy Tillotson
about 17 hours ago
Personal ROTH rollover to SD IRA or SOLO IRA?
Started by Joe Mercer
13 Tiny_1418859890-avatar-jimmy999 Last post by Jim Peret
about 19 hours ago
TenCare Issue
Started by Curt Davis
0 Tiny_1399287245-avatar-curt Last post by Curt Davis
about 19 hours ago
What To Do With Slacker 1/8 Interest Owner That Doesn't Want to Sell, But 1/2 Interest Owner Does
Started by Eric Fiedler
13 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Last post by Bill G.
about 20 hours ago
IRS Reporting for Private Money Interest Earned
Started by Chris Licavoli
10 Tiny_1418761275-avatar-matayl Last post by Matt Taylor
1 day ago
FAS 13 - Lease Accounting
Started by Michael Germinario
0 Tiny_1407759005-avatar-mgerminario Last post by Michael Germinario
1 day ago
Flip vs Hold/Rent with your Solo 401(k)?
Started by Drew Wiard
20 Tiny_1405358588-avatar-wiardrx Last post by Drew Wiard
1 day ago
Can a Schedule C be filed? Multiple LLC's?
Started by Molly Jacobsen
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Molly Jacobsen
1 day ago
My secret mentor hit me with an honest curveball!
Started by Timothy Riley
27 Tiny_1412031240-avatar-lumi Last post by Lumi Ispas
1 day ago
Advise needed on family owned lot on a Lagoon
Started by Rob Hayes
1 Tiny_1418958689-avatar-natosha Last post by Natosha Roudebush
1 day ago
To partnership, LLC or Sole Proprietor-Tax Questions
Started by Mark Gruetzmacher
15 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Kevin Doyle
2 days ago
Court ordered Eviction - what do I do if they will not vacate?
Started by Dan Perrott
17 Tiny_1399717964-avatar-jynell Last post by Jynell Berkshire
2 days ago
Buying Property from Family WAY Below Market Value
Started by Jacob Elbe
13 Tiny_1413937595-avatar-jelbe Last post by Jacob Elbe
2 days ago
Expenses vs. cost basis in renovation
Started by Kevin Polite
12 Tiny_1399529795-avatar-intownlifeatl Last post by Kevin Polite
2 days ago
Good Real Estate CPA in Des Moines, IA area
Started by Jolene Perry
1 Tiny_1399740211-avatar-bhall005 Last post by Brandon Hall
2 days ago
Are all reno costs part of the initial cost basis?
Started by Ken Hipp
4 Tiny_1399667275-avatar-khippn1576 Last post by Ken Hipp
3 days ago
self directed IRA
Started by Samuel Faulkner
8 Tiny_1418761275-avatar-matayl Last post by Matt Taylor
3 days ago

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