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Own income property, or do you just flip properties? No matter what you do, there are tax & legal implications. Discuss contracts, non-competes, non-disclosures, etc., as well as Self-Directed IRAs

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Best Practices To Organize And Track Spending By Property :
Started by Westin Hudnall
12 Tiny_1399364845-avatar-jet_speed Justin Case
about 6 hours ago
Purchasing primary home in personal name vs. entity
Started by Brandon Johnston
8 Tiny_1399733178-avatar-christoph1223 Chris Pasternak
about 8 hours ago
Can Gain from Jointly Owned Property Be Designated to One Owner?
Started by Mark Beekman
1 Tiny_1405042909-avatar-tweir5 Thomas Weir
about 9 hours ago
keeping track of the basis of a rental
Started by LuAnn Vigen
7 Tiny_1399502465-avatar-stevenhamilton Steven Hamilton II
about 9 hours ago
Avoid capital gains on primary/rental property
Started by Loren Whitney
9 Tiny_1406351201-avatar-tanchik033 Tatyana Shevnina
1 day ago
Vrbo, cash out refi, and trusts oh my!
Started by Brett Gibson
1 Tiny_1399311643-avatar-davet Dave T
1 day ago
New investment in LLC, mortgage company says possible call in of loan.
Started by Jonathan Gregori
2 Tiny_1399649447-avatar-ramoproperties Mike M.
2 days ago
Purchasing a 2 flat in Chicago, but challenges with investor's SD IRA
Started by Alan Houghton
3 Tiny_1399598633-avatar-sensefinancial Dmitriy Fomichenko
3 days ago
Rental Receipts for Tenants Social Security
Started by Ryan L.
3 No_avatar_tiny Ryan L.
3 days ago
HUD homes power of attorney
Started by Nick Lee
2 Tiny_1399739290-avatar-nicklee1 Nick Lee
3 days ago
Self Directed Ira question
Started by Tyler Caruso
6 Tiny_1399760876-avatar-dchaisson Doreen Chaisson
3 days ago
Self directed IRA/Checkbook IRA?????
Started by Account Closed
19 Tiny_1399767490-avatar-multicollector Chan K.
3 days ago
Checkbook IRA Representative
Started by Evan Kraus
16 Tiny_1399767490-avatar-multicollector Chan K.
3 days ago
Started by Paula Schafer
9 Tiny_1405557428-avatar-buffington Michael Buffington
3 days ago
Transfer properties to LLC
Started by N/A N/A
3 Tiny_1399655189-avatar-hipsterali Ali Boone
4 days ago
Does anyone know a good real estate attorney in the Kansas City Area?
Started by Nick Bianco
1 Tiny_1403797504-avatar-lsumarkb Mark Breaux
4 days ago
Tax on US rental income for a non US resident
Started by Andreas F.
3 Tiny_1399311643-avatar-davet Dave T
4 days ago
Back taxes contract language
Started by Derek Carroll
1 Tiny_1399311643-avatar-davet Dave T
4 days ago
Depreciating the capital gains tax owed on the sale of an investment property
Started by Dan MacDonald
10 Tiny_1399311643-avatar-davet Dave T
4 days ago
Texas: Net Income Taxes from Single Family Rentals
Started by Billy Raz
7 No_avatar_tiny John T.
6 days ago

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