Here’s What 10 Billionaires Say You Should Do Every Day

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If you want to follow the billionaires’ blueprint, one theme seems to come up each and every time.

According to Tom Corley, author of Change Your Habits, Change Your Life, 76 percent of the rich exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

These 10 billionaires (plus one honorable mention) give partial credit for their success and happiness to physical fitness. Here’s what each of them have to say.

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1. Richard Branson | Founder, Virgin Group

When Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek asked the British business mogul how he stays productive, Branson answered that he works out, according to Ferriss’s 2010 book The 4-Hour Body.

Branson, worth a reported $5 billion, said his physical activities, which can include swimming, Bikram Yoga, rock climbing, running, and weight lifting, give him at least four additional hours of productivity each day.

“I definitely can achieve twice as much by keeping fit,” Branson has said in the past. “It keeps the brain functioning well.”

2. Mark Zuckerberg | CEO, Facebook

The 33-year-old CEO is worth around $72 billion. On exercising, the Facebook founder says, “I make sure I work out at least three times a week — usually first thing when I wake up.”

3. Mark Cuban | Owner, Dallas Mavericks

The famous investor says he always tries to get in an hour of cardio each day. In his words, exercising helps fuel his competitive spirit, a trait he transfers over to his business dealings.

“I have to go longer than anyone who started before me,” he says, a drive that leads to stuff like, well, this.

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4. Warren Buffett | Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway

At ripe young age of 87, the world’s greatest investor still finds time to work out. His doctors told him to change his diet, but he didn’t want to. Instead, he chose to exercise, the “lesser of the two evils,” he told CNBC.

5. Brian Chesky | CEO, Airbnb

When he’s not disrupting the lodging industry, Airbnb chief Brian Chesky, a former competitive bodybuilder, stays diesel with a weight-rich workout regimen.

6. Bill Gates | Founder, Microsoft

The Microsoft founder, who’s been in (or around) the top billionaire spot since 1995, kicks off his day with an hour on the treadmill while watching educational videos.

7. Gary Vaynerchuk | Investor (Twitter, Uber, Venmo)

Not quite a billionaire but definitely deserving of an honorable mention, GaryVee’s is a legitimatae business rockstar with speaking engagements lined up worldwide — including New York City; Oslo, Norway; and Toronto.

According to the V-Man’s website, he was “eating like crap, not working out, and generally feeling awful.” He now wakes up at 6 a.m. and works out before his workday. (Here’s his full routine.)

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8. Elon Musk | Founder, Tesla and SpaceX

Known as one of the greatest investors and minds of all time, the South African works 100 hours a week as — check this — both CEO and CTO of SpaceX (valued at $21 billion) and Tesla, which is worth around $60 billion. (Yes, that’s two multi-billion-dollar companies he runs.)

In spite of his ridiculously jam-packed schedule, the 46-year-old still swims, plays tennis, and works out at the gym regularly. To save time on his morning drive, he’s packed his 20,000-square-foot home with most healthclub amenities.

9. Jeff Bezos | CEO, Amazon

The Amazon founder’s been killing it lately. He recently closed a historic deal to buy Whole Foods and punctuated an epic summer by becoming the richest man alive. Bezos works out with strength training regularly and insists (unlike many billionaires) on eight hours of sleep a night.

And judging by the looks of it, he’s been putting in that organic work with The Rock and Vin Diesel.

10. Vince McMahon | CEO, WWE

In case you didn’t know, the WWE head honcho is over 70 and JACKED. Despite basically micromanaging a billion-dollar global franchise — with just three-to-four hours of sleep per night and an inhumane work ethic — the now 72-year-old still gets it in at the gym. According to son-in-law and WWE executive Paul “Triple H” Levesque, you can find Mr. McMahon hitting the weights at 2 am.

11. Jack Dorsey | CEO, Twitter and Square (Yes, both)

Like Musk, Jack Dorsey runs two billion-dollar companies, Twitter and Square. (Both hover around $10 billion in market value.) As a result, Dorsey reportedly puts in 18-hour work days at the helm of two publicly traded companies. Here’s an inspirational Wall Street Journal report on how he somehow runs both.)

To avoid going freakin’ insane, Dorsey considers exercise a way to get more out of his already packed schedule, integrating it into his routine: “Up at 5, meditate for 30, seven-minute workout times three, make coffee, check in,” Dorsey revealed on Product Hunt. “Same thing every day,” says Dorsey. “[It] allows a steady state that enables me to be more effective.”

Has a personal fitness routine helped you stay on top of your business? I want to hear what works for you!

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    • John Reid

      Regarding all examples above. Who cares! and the premise for poor and middle class is awkward if not completely misleading. But let’s start with the fact that richer people often think they are smarter than everyone else. Add this other tidbit. Many poor and middle class envy rich people, such as perhaps our author of this post.

      If this post is to motivate and 8-5 or 3-11 or 11-7 (for newbies that regular shift of an eight hour day worker, “mid-shift”, and” mids”. Try working mid-shift or mids and then getting work out time with so little family time remaining. These not-so-rich also must pay their bills and don’t have windfall profits, windfall inheritence, or any other windfall.

      This is not a complaint about those with money. But to write an article noting some of the top ten billionaires exercise habits and connecting their exercise with their success is just misleading and inaccurate.

  1. Mike Duke

    This article is so dumb. The article establishes that 11 billionaires around the world share the common trait of working out for at least 30 minutes a day. So that means the remaining 2,032 billionaires (according to Forbes) around the world don’t workout for 30 minutes a day. Isn’t that a more common trait than the 11 that do?

    Come on man. There are common traits, but it has nothing to do with working out. They are mental traits, not physical.

    • Al Williamson

      Mike, wish you’d express your valid opinion in a less snarky manner. This is a well sourced article that inspires the BP community to be more fit. Harvest the good you can find and keep the good karma flowing. Good health and peace to you Mike

    • Brian Pinckard

      I think you missed some key points. In the opening paragraph Philip references a statistic that 76% of rich people exercise. What would you think the national average is? I have no idea but I’m guessing it’s in the 10 to 20% range if even that high. Does that mean you exercise and you are going to be a real estate mogul? Of course not but it does mean it could be a habit of successful people you might want to emulate. Study after study show that exercise increases your stamina, improves your health, and can improve your mental and emotional state. Who can argue that can’t be a good thing for your professional career. This is a short concise article so he only picked 12 well known billionaires. I thought it was interesting and a good short read.

  2. Eric Bilderback

    I don’t think I know a guy who wouldn’t have a stud workout plan if they were a billionaire. If some of these dudes had to drop kids off at school and couldn’t do p90x because it woke up the baby I bet half would have beer bellies. I enjoy working out but a big reason more poor and middle class people don’t workout is because they can’t afford it. I bet you don’t see many joggers in Compton.

    • Noah Scott


      Maybe you just wanted to be a devil’s advocate, but it takes little money and little time to create an effective workout.

      A fair number of the people on the list don’t have what’s described as “stud” workout plans. Bill Gates’ portion talks about 1 hour on the treadmill. Jack Dorsey endorses three 7-minute workouts. Bezos’ portion talks about a simple resistance-training regimen.

      A five-minute Google search can net you 100 different workout programs. Ten more minutes can give you some due diligence into the efficacy of the program. You can find them for bodyweight workouts (no gym needed), distance running, or simple resistance.

      Bam, now you have your “what” for the workout. Invest 30 minutes+ (sometimes less!) and you can get a solid workout in.

      If your health isn’t a priority for yourself (not saying you, but maybe others) then you are letting down not just yourself, but your family and those who are affected by your life.

      I bet you see many more people working out in Compton than your outlook lets you believe.

  3. Cenddie Alaban

    I have a 14, 10 and 5 year old. I work overtime while waiting for the short sale. I bought a second hand dumbbells and flex and extend my major muscles with it almost everyday. I bought a jogging shoes, shorts, pants from a garage sale. I’ve been using them for the last two years. I don’t think it’s expensive. Of course, excuses are cheaper, in fact it’s free.

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