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Top 35 Real Estate Blogs

Joshua Dorkin
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Top 35 Real Estate Blogs

The Original Top 35 Real Estate Blogs list was compiled in August 2006, and has generated almost 150,000 views since then (as of 6/30/2013). This post has been enormously popular, but as you’ll see below, time has not been kind to the real estate blogging space. Many of the early (and in my opinion, best) bloggers have fallen off, lost focus, or moved on. At the time of this writing, only 10 of the original 35 top real estate blogs are still active (updated at least once a week); I’ve kept a running tally of the removal of those that have fallen off to keep some kind of record of the change in the real estate blogging scene.

That said, due to the popularity of this post, I believe that it is my responsibility to not only remove blogs that aren’t cutting it, but to also keep up with the times and highlight new blogs. I’ve broken this article up into three sections: the new top real estate blogs list, the history of the list as well as the original blog post with top 35 list.

While there are pundits and others out there have argued that real estate blogging is dead, I believe that there is absolutely still a huge demand for these blogs, and I know that those people and companies that are active and focused with their blogging are reaping the benefits.

The Top Real Estate Blogs (active list)

Note: The blogs below are active, focused, living communities that don’t charge for access. We will not announce changes to this list if they need to be made, but will simply add or remove new sites if it needs to happen.

Commercial Real Estate Blogs
Ashworth Partners Blog
A Student of the Real Estate Game
Llenrock Blog
The Tenant Advisor

Corporate Blogs
MemphisInvest Blog
Movoto Blog
Redfin Blog
Zillow Blog

Housing / Economy / Data
Calculated Risk
Crains Real Estate

Curbed NY
Irvine Housing Blog
The Real Deal NY
Sacramento Appraisal Blog
The Silver Fern

Local Real Estate News
Lansner on Real Estate

Real Estate Investing
Bawldguy Talking
The BiggerPockets Blog
Flipping Junkie
Flipping Smart

Real Estate Technology & Marketing
100Watt Blog
Inman Next
The Notorious Rob

The History of the Top Real Estate Blogs

Update 5/9/12: After a post from Joe Salcedo on GeekEstate, dubbed Where Have All the Real Estate Bloggers Gone? that points to this post and goes into the decline of real estate blogging, I figured it was important to go through once more to remove any blogs that aren’t keeping up. Unfortunately, it looks like a few more are going to drop off the list. That said, I’ve decided to transform this post into a new top list, which you can find above.

Update 6/15/10: We fixed a few links and removed a few blogs from the list as well. It is sad to see more and more of the original top blogs on this list removed, but that is how things go. We never put together an updated top real estate blog list since the original was published, but are planning on assembling several niche ones, which we will share below.

Update 5/20/09: We’ve again gone through the list and killed off the dead links, as well as those blogs that either a) are rarely updated, b) no longer serve content deemed amongst the best. We also published a follow up post, dubbed The Top 35 Real Estate Blogs Revisited almost 3 Years Later, where we examine what happened to this list, and where we solicit suggestions for a new, updated one.

Update 11/29/08: We’ve gone through the list to remove any dead blogs; shockingly, many on the original list are now dead or defunct. Additionally, we’re working on a new list, which will soon be published. Thanks for all the continued interest in the Top 35 Real Estate Blogs.

The Original Post

As the real estate bubble begins to fizzle, so too will most real estate bloggers. There are hundreds or even thousands of people out there blogging about real estate, and most of these blogs stink.

I’ve decided to create a list of what I believe to be the top real estate blogs. These blogs cover different areas of the real estate world, but they do have a few things in common.

  • I read the blog regularly (when possible)
  • They are updated regularly (at least weekly)
  • I generally respect the blogger/bloggers
  • Their content is unique, timely, and relevant

While I’m sure there are plenty of other quality real estate blogs out there, these all have elements that I feel are important for the rest of the real estate world. Topics include: real estate news, real estate technology (web 2.0), real estate marketing, mortgage information, real estate investing, rehabbing, landlording, and so on.

So, in no particular order other then alphabetical, I present the Top 35 Real Estate Blogs:

360 Digest – Rarely updated – Removed May 2012
Altos Research Real Estate Insights – Removed May 2012
Blog Arizona – Dead as of August 2008
The BiggerPockets Blog (That’s us, of course!)
Bloodhound Blog
Bubble Meter – Rarely updated – Removed May 2012
Building an Empire – Dead as of March 2008
Counter Intelligence: The Real Estate Cafe Weblog – Dead as of Jan 08 – Now Called: Real Estate Cafe – Rarely updated – Removed May 2012
Creative Real Estate Investing – No longer meets initial criteria for inclusion
Curbed NY
Fliperati – Dead as of March 2007
HousingBubbleCasualty – Rarely updated – Removed May 2009
Landlord Schmandlord – Dead as of November 2006
Mike’s Corner – Rarely updated (also, content not what once was) – Removed May 2009
Mortgage Fraud Blog
My Real Estate Investing Venture – Rarely updated – removed
Property Grunt – Content Quality Decline – Removed June 2010
Real Estate Blog Pro – Dead as of May 2008
Real Estate Marketing Blog – Rarely updated – removed May 2009
Real Estate Tomato – Rarely Updated & Mostly Promotional – Removed June 2010
Realty Thoughts – Rarely updated – removed
REI Blog – Dead as of June 2010
Seattle’s Rain City Real Estate Guide
Shaun’s Real Estate Adventures
Tales of a Seattle Real Estate Investor – No longer exists
The Foreclosure Report – Dead as of June 2007
The Future of Real Estate Marketing – No longer exists
The Housing Bubble Blog
The Landlord Blog – Dead as of June 2007
The Real Estate Bloggers – Rarely updated – Removed May 2012
Triple Mint – Rarely updated – removed
Urban Trekker Blog – Rarely updated – Removed May 2012
Zillow Blog

If there are any other great real estate blogs that I missed, please let me know so we can update the list.

Please also be sure to check out:

Honorable Mention: SellsiusBlog – forgot to put them in the original list b/c the site was down at the time.

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