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Before You Start Wholesaling

By Simon Shih, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

There are a few things you should have ready before you start wholesaling. The three most important in my opinion are... Read More

Small 1448324013 avatar charmed wi

Retiring at ... 60?

By Dawn Anastasi, about 4 hours ago with 0 comments

What does it mean to retire? Is retiring at 60 a good thing or is that too far away? Read More

Small 1399786800 avatar jksteele

How Home Buyers Can Compete in a Hot Market

By John Steele, 9 days ago with 3 comments

Real estate markets are heating up all over the country and many home buyers are finding it difficult to compete. Read More

Small 1452721477 avatar samh20

​Branding the Bermuda Triangle

By Sam Hager, about 9 hours ago with 0 comments

There's a lot of brilliant minds out there in the BP community - how have other careers informed your investment approach and strategies? Read More

Small 1448386891 avatar russelltee

The Lack of Multifamily Housing in the DC Metro Area.

By Russell Brazil, 29 days ago with 1 comment

A historical explanation of why Washington, DC does not have many multifamily homes. Read More

Small 1410535090 avatar jtwombly

From Miserable Lawyer to Full-Time Real Estate Investor: How I Did It

By Jonathan Twombly, 6 days ago with 21 comments

Five years ago, I was a miserable corporate lawyer. Now, I'm a full-time multifamily investor, with a $20 million portfolio. This is my story. Read More

Small 1410535090 avatar jtwombly

How to Get Your First Multifamily Deal

By Jonathan Twombly, 3 months ago with 13 comments

Getting your first deal can be the biggest obstacle new investors face. Enhance your chances with these insider tips from a seasoned investor. Read More

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By Jason Hawk, 2 months ago with 2 comments

Kansas City, in both states, has worked hard to create the “Silicone valley” effect by encouraging “entrepreneurial efforts”. #InvestKC Read More

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By Jason Hawk, about 12 hours ago with 0 comments

There has to be much consideration given when it comes to the question of where to invest money and when to flip or hold a property. #InvestKC Read More

Small 1399354676 avatar anthonycrecco
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Self Storage 101: Using Tenant Insurance to Increase Value

By Isaac Rothermel, about 15 hours ago with 0 comments

What are the big operators doing to maximize return that mom & pop self storage facilities overlook? Read More

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By Robbie Reutzel, about 16 hours ago with 0 comments

Problems encountered with the many "wholesalers" popping up lately. Read More

Small 1448399173 avatar investinrealtor

Choosing Your Home Flipping Strategy

By Justin Pierce, about 16 hours ago with 0 comments

Every deal is different. No one home flipping strategy works all of the time. Each deal requires careful analysis. Here was my process on this deal Read More

Small 1421593227 avatar kevinjrnietorei

How to put your first property under contract (contracts included)

By Kevin Ramirez Nieto, about 1 year ago with 32 comments

To show you how simply it is to put properties under contract and wholesale them, I leave you with my actual contract templates. Read More

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Mind Hacks That Will Increase Your Wholesaling Income 1000%

By Sabrina Taylor, 4 days ago with 4 comments

My $5,000 mistake, will make you money on every deal you do. Read More

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