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Small 1471870894 avatar timv3
Small 1487290875 avatar scottautenreith

Hire Professionals - Vol. 1

By Scott Autenreith, about 1 hour ago with 0 comments

You want minimal expenses. Don't we all? Many see agents as an unneeded resource. I discuss how having a professional agent can be beneficial. Read More

Small 1399339491 avatar wendypatton

Overcoming your Fear of Investing in Real Estate

By Wendy Patton, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

By overcoming the fear of real estate investing, you take full charge of your professional life, financial security, and ultimately your life! Read More

Small 1445138487 avatar meghanm1

Get off you butt and GO MAKE A DEAL WORK!!!

By Meghan McCallum, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

Encouragement to the new investor filled with excuses and fears. Read More

Small 1448383830 avatar michaelt72

Minimizing NII tax with grouping and recharacterization

By Michael Trout, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

NIIT analysis is not a one-time endeavor. Opportunities are still available, and taxpayers should have the circumstances reassessed each year. Read More

Small 1448546905 avatar jcase21

Fixing Property Management Issues

By John Casmon, about 3 hours ago with 0 comments

Why simply firing a bad PM may not solve your property management problems. Read More

Small 1478795769 avatar pharmerjeff

Don’t Hire a Property Manager. Sell Your House To One.

By Jeff Rabinowitz, 7 days ago with 2 comments

Land contract sales can still be profitable despite Dodd-Frank. An alternative to hiring a property manager. Read More

Small 1487606250 avatar cormacr1

How we Use Social Media within Real Estate

By Cormac Reynolds, about 6 hours ago with 0 comments

I've been using social media for our real estate efforts for some time now and here are some things I've learned. Read More

Small 1448386212 avatar dogoodinvesting

Have I Found the Holy Grail of Passive Real Estate Investing?

By Larry Fried, 11 months ago with 144 comments

Recently I jumped into an REI that is highly passive, diversified and offers a great ROI on 10 turnkey rentals. Just 10k investment required. Read More

Small 1446273386 avatar braddturley
Small 1452024910 avatar randaz21

​Establishing Purpose – Setting Priority – Creating Success

By Dan Randazzo, 1 day ago with 2 comments

The post summarizes my story from childhood upbringing to success today. I document defining moments that shaped me into who/where I am today. Read More

Small 1399649822 avatar tommydesmond
Small 1448386212 avatar dogoodinvesting

Have I Found the Holy Grail of Passive Real Estate Investing? (Part 2)

By Larry Fried, 4 months ago with 102 comments

Performance Update and more on my investments with an unusual crowdfunding company. Read More

Small 1474663923 avatar andrews178

Mining and Visualizing Municipal Real Estate Data with

By Andrew Savikas, about 23 hours ago with 1 comment

Mining and visualizing municipal real estate data with an outstanding mac app called Wizard that brings data to life (and makes Pivot Tables a breeze) Read More

Small 1487701661 avatar jond35

Top 5 Strategies Learned from Successful Fix-and-Flip Investors

By Jon Derek Jones, about 22 hours ago with 0 comments

Successful real estate investors focus on reliable fundamentals and win big. Make sure these 5 strategies are part of your REI game plan. Read More

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