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Small 1437848183 avatar will usmc

$800/month PROFIT on my first deal!

By William Donnelly, about 1 hour ago with 0 comments

How I landed my first deal and what I learned along the way! Read More

Small 1450979525 avatar michaelmike
Small 1468777051 avatar lvinv

How to get started as a real estate agent

By Brandon L., about 5 hours ago with 3 comments

If you are a new agent, and feel overwhelmed, read this to find out the questions I asked myself to regain focus and push forward towards success. Read More

Small 1399790671 avatar ejourneyer

Purchase Price vs. Rehab Cost

By Eric Fernwood, about 8 hours ago with 0 comments

Is it better to buy a property that needs more rehab at a lower price or spend more for a property that needs little rehab? Read More

Small 1399663852 avatar fredd525

Why You should Stop Buying Rentals. There's a Better Way.

By Fred Ramos, 1 day ago with 2 comments

In short, this article was written to show you a different way to invest in real estate, to demystify the note business and to give a different option Read More

Small 1448388158 avatar joefairless
Small 1450381929 avatar seantarpenning

Exit Strategies Every Investor Should Know!

By Sean Tarpenning, about 15 hours ago with 0 comments

Because let's face it...we all would like an exit plan. Read More

Small 1461630857 avatar jared

When Did You Decide To Buy Someone Else A House?

By Jared Garfield, about 16 hours ago with 0 comments

Maximize Your Profits As A Landlord, Help Your Tenants Own, Don't Give Up Profits Selling When You Can Exchange, Would You Like to Buy Me A House? Read More

Small 1448399064 avatar biggerpo
Small 1448398278 avatar fischem

08.01.14 Bullet Dodged with Rental Agreement Interpretation

By Michele Fischer, about 2 years ago with 4 comments

Discovered that a sentence of our rental agreement could be interpreted very different ways. A vacating tenant expected a higher refund. Read More

Small 1442490352 avatar adamb34

House Flipping and the UBTI Tax

By Adam Bergman, about 18 hours ago with 0 comments

How does the UBTI rules apply to flipping houses using an IRA or 401(k) Plan. Read More

Small 1450979525 avatar michaelmike

What is a Fair Price for Insurance?

By Mike Flavin, about 20 hours ago with 0 comments

Is your insurance premium fair? Read More

Small 1459044354 avatar gabrielegarciam

Practical Guide For Baltimore Area Newbies

By Gabriel G., 23 days ago with 5 comments

Great tools and advice for investing in the Baltimore area. Read More

Small 1399343250 avatar kevinamolsch

The Power of Momentum

By Kevin Amolsch, 2 days ago with 3 comments

Momentum always starts with a single success and builds from there; and it should be able to build as your confidence goes up. Read More

Small 1472316952 avatar kevinb156

Real Estate Investment: Leverage

By Kevin Barbera, 3 days ago with 1 comment

This article discusses how leverage and access to capital are benefits to investing in real estate. Read More

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