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9 Ways to Improve your Credit!

By Wendy Patton, 2 days ago with 3 comments

9 Ways to Improve your Credit for Rent-to-Own Buyers Read More

Small 1455162522 avatar dougvrs

Direct Mail – DIY or Outsource?

By Doug Vigliano, about 1 month ago with 1 comment

Direct Mail - DIY or Outsource? What benefits are there to DIY (if any) and when is it a good idea to begin outsourcing your marketing? Read More

Small 1429909120 avatar jacklv

Finance or All Cash Flip

By Jack C., about 3 hours ago with 0 comments

As investor your return should always be measure cash over cash. If you can rent money and leverage cash for more projects you should! Read More

Small 1460562270 avatar ethansteimel

Homeunion Followup - A Tenant and Management Costs

By Ethan Steimel, 7 days ago with 3 comments

I give a six month update on how our Homeunion rental property is faring. I explain what the rent is and what the property management costs are. Read More

Small 1453429791 avatar tda

Business Plan- Do you need one?

By Anthony Angotti, 3 months ago with 7 comments

Do you need a business plan. YES! Here is the one we got started with. Read More

Small 1448386212 avatar dogoodinvesting

Have I Found the Holy Grail of Passive Real Estate Investing?

By Larry Fried, 6 months ago with 96 comments

Recently I jumped into an REI that is highly passive, diversified and offers a great ROI on 10 turnkey rentals. Just 10k investment required. Read More

Small 1448386164 avatar sensefinancial

6 Crucial Money Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

By Dmitriy Fomichenko, about 5 hours ago with 0 comments

If you're a young entrepreneur moving your way up the business ladder, here are some crucial money tips for your personal finances. Read More

Small 1448388158 avatar joefairless
Small 1453429791 avatar tda

School of Hard Knocks: Systems for Contractors

By Anthony Angotti, about 7 hours ago with 1 comment

Systems to help make sure you don't get burned by the guy who never shows up to the job! Or the guy that always does it right because he does it twice Read More

Small 1450381929 avatar seantarpenning
Small 1446273386 avatar braddturley
Small 1403927052 avatar businesslawyer

Why Property Surveys Are Important for Home Buyers

By Romy Jurado, about 23 hours ago with 0 comments

Do you like to get what you’re paying for? Read More

Small 1399550810 avatar amk

We lost it

By Andrew K., 2 days ago with 2 comments

Our offer was not accepted. Read More

Small 1449854588 avatar joec26

How my 1st LOOSER RE deal became the foundation for my RE Empire.

By Joe Calloway, 1 day ago with 0 comments

The best lessons in RE Investing are the most painful. My first deal nearly broke me but the lessons learned laid the foundation for my RE Empire. Read More

Small 1474719598 avatar chrisg75

Is this even POSSIBLE?

By Chris Greene, 1 day ago with 0 comments


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