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In the beginning, she was new!

By Tasha Mckoy, 10 minutes ago.

Hello All. I’ve had a real love for real state for many years now. I’m saying it like am 50 years old…but I’m only 34. And yes I send “only”… I loved it so much that I even acquired my...
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The Beginning of My Investing Journey

By Joseph Konrad, 19 minutes ago.

I started this blog to hold myself accountable to my goals, which aren't quite specific yet. The idea is to be honest with myself and the world so that I can actually get out there ...
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Penny Stock Recommendations are Dangerous for New Traders

By Keith Keiser, about 2 hours ago.

How to Pick Penny Stocks "How to Avoid Going Bancrupt with Penny Stocks... When asked, many people shy away from Penny Stocks, partly due to their volatile nature and mostl...
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5 Reasons Cash-flow Matters

By Geraldine Barry, about 3 hours ago.

Some philosophies and sayings take root for good reason. You know the saying: cash is king? There are many different approaches to investing, and philosophies of how, and where,...
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Spike TV Handles a Bad Contractor For Me

By Tim G., about 12 hours ago.

The Minnesota Ave. house was special to me, this wasn’t a project this was going to be my home. Located a few blocks from the beach in Oceanside, California I was obsessed ...
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Bank owned homes are still out there

By Darren Smith, about 15 hours ago.

As a bank owned listing agent for OneWest Bank (formerly IndyMac) I have seen a slow down in assignments as the market has improved, but that doesn't mean bank owned inventory is a thi...
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How Important is Commission when I put my home up for sale?

By Darren Smith, about 15 hours ago.

As a buyers agent I consider it most important (and my fiduciary responsibility) to find my client the best possible property regardless of the commission offered. It would be nice if ...
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The Title Co wants to write my check to me AND the past owner!

By Darrin Carey, 4 days ago.

I just cancelled my property sale. First, a little background. I bought a property as a short sale a couple months ago, closed at the bank’s title co, got the HUD, paid the bank, an...
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By Engelo Rumora, 6 days ago.

How to distinguish the genuine from the non genuine real estate professionals. Over the years, our group has been involved in numerous real estate transactions involving genuine...
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How to Quickly Evaluate a Real Estate Deal

By Tom Sylvester, 7 months ago.

There is a common saying among real estate investors, “Review 100 deals, make offers on 10, purchase 1.” When I first began investing in real estate, I could not see how this ...
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First Steps

By Dre Penny, 1 day ago.

So I've read a lot of advice for beginner investors and one thing that's consistent is to treat RE Investing like a business. With that said it's time to consider the planning i.e bu...
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Day 15 of 90 (04/04/14)

By Dan Holden, 4 days ago.

Day 15 of 90 (04/04/14) I finally hear from Gail. About 20 minutes before I have to clock into my job. She's talking fast. I've notice, with my short time on this planet, that if...
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My Patriarchal Joint Venture Partner

By Simon Lloyd, 1 day ago.

After being quoted $14,000 for some foundation repair on my flip property (full disclosure, this was later modified to a slightly less mind-blowing $8,000) my Patriarchal Joint ...
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When good photography masks a bad rehab

By Dawn Anastasi, 13 days ago.

I was viewing properties this past weekend and had the following property on my list. It was listed as a 2 bedroom 1 bath property that had been newly rehabbed. In lookin...
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By Frank Iglesias, 2 days ago.

I was riding my bike recently on a nice warm day in Atlanta. I thought to myself while I was going up a hill ‘isn't it amazing how the mind can know when to shift gears based on the am...
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