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How to Market Yourself and Your Business with BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is not only a community for sharing knowledge, for networking, and making deals, but it is also a marketing platform for people in the real estate space.

Here are several easy ways to use BiggerPockets to market yourself and your business:

  • Create a Detailed, Professional Profile with Photo - BiggerPockets profiles have been designed to give you the opportunity to share information about yourself and your business with the rest of the community and the world.  Our profiles are search engine optimized and can be found on all the major search engines.  They give people a way to find out about your contact information, experience, goals, and of course, your activity on BiggerPockets.  Profiles that are not completely filled in do not appear in our networking page or site's front page.  A complete profile means one that includes an avatar or image.  If you don't want to share a photo of yourself, find a picture that matches and use it. Remember, profiles with photos get a TON more traffic!
  • Create a signature and get active on the forums - Our forums are visited by thousands of people every day.  If you're an active forum participant, you can easily start building a good reputation among the community.  Those people who prove to be knowledgeable and helpful to others often get a TON of business from their participation on the forums. I know some people who became so flooded with business that sadly, they could no longer participate!

    Part of getting noticed is having a signature at the bottom of all of your posts.  You'll want to edit your profile and select the signature tab to create your sig.  Make sure your company name is accurate in your profile, and select the "Use my name and company in my forum signature" button.   Then use the blank space next to "Forum Signature" to enter your website URL, phone number, or email address (if you want people reading your posts to see this info).

  • Create a Blog - BiggerPockets Blogs are easy to set up and use and require no programming knowledge.  We've essentailly created our own proprietary blogging platform that not only allows you to communicate with the world, but helps promote you.  BiggerPockets has implemented many search engine optimizing features to help you get your name out there by blogging.  The key to successful blogging, however, is not just having a blog, but having one that shares Quality content.  If your blog is just full of spammy crap, no one is going to visit your profile, website, or anything else.  Check out some more of the blog's features.
  • Write some Articles - BiggerPockets has built a phenominal article directory for the benefit of both the average real estate consumer or investor and for the benefit of the articles' authors.  Since we're talking about marketing benefits here, we'll focus on the authors.  All articles on BiggerPockets give the author a place to create a byline/signature.  This is the perfect place to market yourself:  share links to your website, tell folks what you're up to, promote your latest book.  Our articles are viewed by tens of thousands of people every month both on site and through our articles feed.  Why wouldn't you want some added exposure?
  • Join or Create a Group - Groups are a great way for people of similar interest to come together.  Being part of a group on BiggerPockets allows you to be seen by those people, and bring renewed exposure within your own, mini-community.
  • Just Get Involved! - We've created an incentive system for those members who get involved on the site.  Our stats page highlights the most active members of the day, week, month, and all-time.  This page is visited my tons of members, and the search engines alike.  Show up on the stats page because you're active, and you're going to see more traffic to your profile!

We've got even more great marketing opportunities coming to the site soon . . . stay tuned!

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  1. You suggested writing articles. How do I go about writing an article and posting it on BiggerPockets? Also can I repost blog posts from my own blog onto BiggerPockets?

  2. I am new to BP and have found it to be very informative. I have read through some of the forums and it seems as though the members here are genuinely helpful to newbies like myself. I look forward to learing more and making my first deal in the near future. Rob

  3. Thanks for the kind words Josh. BP has been an incredible resource for me and my company, in a number of profitable ways. I have more than one Success Story to write about as a result of the relationships that I have been able to create here! Thanks again!!!

    1. That's great to hear, Marc. Hopefully you'll put pen to paper one day and share the stories with all of us.

  4. Keep up the great work Josh. The site is evolving everyday. I have been busy with a couple of projects and a vacation the last couple of months and am amazed at all of the new updates! Time to get active again:)

    1. I'm sure I speak for many others by saying that we look forward to having you back, Marc Faulkner.

  5. This blog definitely helps explain the various ways to maximize your exposure here on BP. I have been using BP for a while now but this is the first time I have been to the blog section. There is a ton of useful info here and I plan to be much more active here. Thanks Josh!

    1. You're not alone, Robert Adams. There is much more to BiggerPockets than our forums. I'm glad to see you exploring a little more. We'll see you around the blogs again soon, I hope.

  6. I've been on BP for a while now but did not utilize it's full potential with my former company. I'm planning on implementing all of these strategies to start reeling in the business for my new company!

    1. That's great to hear, Thomas! We'll look forward to seeing you participate on the site! Don't forget to spread the word about BiggerPockets off site as well.

  7. I too am new to the site. I love what I am seeing and reading. Still learning about it and hope I can also offer some advice to others with my background being in Property Management and now in Real Estate. No matter what you think you know, someone else knows more and I love to learn from others. Mostly I am reading but every once in a while I feel the need to add a comment. Its great how freely people offer such great advice and its excited to have a place to go now.

    1. Paige Abu-Nawwas - Welcome to BiggerPockets! I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the site and that you appreciate the incredible content here. Hopefully you'll jump in and share some pearls of wisdom that you've learned in your Property Management business to help teach the rest of us. The more active you get here, the more you get out of the site . . . good luck, and perhaps you'll introduce yourself in our New Member Introductions forum.

  8. Lee Keadle - Staying active here on BiggerPockets will allow you to grow your real estate network and build your business, in addition to offering tons of great information for you to learn from. Jump on every once in a while and stay part of the conversation!

  9. Great advice. Now I just need to find time to keep all of this social media going.

  10. Josh makes an excellent point. Bigger Pockets provides a great opportunity to meet and do business with fellow investors and real estate professionals around the country even in other parts of the world.

  11. Great advice, I just signed on to bigger pocket so I will need all the advice I can get. Thanks!

    1. Jump in and make an introduction to the rest of the community via our forums . . . it's a good first step in getting active and building your network here.

  12. Thanks for the tips...wish I came here first day I joined,better late than never Thnaks again.

  13. Thanks for all the additional thoughts and comments on this thread. As the site continues to develop, I'm thinking I'll need to update this post to reflect new tactics OR our many bloggers are welcome to do so as well.

  14. Anyone new to Bigger Pocket should read this post. There is great information here on how to make better use of Bigger Pockets.

  15. Josh makes an excellent point. Bigger Pockets provides a great opportunity to meet and do business with fellow investors and real estate professionals around the country even in other parts of the world.

  16. Thanks for posting on this Mark....A great read!

  17. Anyone that hasn't read this blog should check it out. Josh offers some great tips for marketing yourself on BP.

  18. Great introductory post Josh! Lays out a plan on how to have success. This should be a 'sticky' on the top of the blog page so people have a good idea how to get started in BP!

  19. One of the best, if not the best, it will be. Joshua you shall obtain greatness in all that you do. Have you lost weight? Continued success to all.

  20. Hi Josh, my name is Kinsley and based right out of sunny central FL. I'm just starting out with the real estate investing and I'm very excited to be part of BP. I plan on making millions no matter how things may seem in economy today..... Can't wait to get things under rapped wit my page set up........

  21. i just joined your site and from looking around and reading somoe blogs, it really sounds like i have found the right place, i am new to investing, but i have run across some really great deals right here in the town where i live, prosser, WA. i really need to get some investors interesed in the properties that i have found, and need some financeing for a turn key business, it will be a money makeing machine and i have the experience to own and run it but i need money, so if anyone can help guide me to the money folks, it would be great, and i can make money for other investors too.

  22. Josh, Great site! I've been on it for about 2 years and basically got all my education about investing from this site. I also was able to meet other people from the site who have either directly helped me in my investing or have recommended contacts who have helped me. 6 degrees of BP!

  23. Welcome to the site, Ray! Sign in and jump into the discussions, blogs and other areas of the site! Good luck networking!

  24. Hi just became a member. This site looks very promising. I'm a real estate investor in NC and looking to meet other investors across the country with Biggerpockets.

  25. Hey Bob, Fergie and Denise - As I've mentioned several times before in this thread, please be sure you're logged in when participating so all your activity is linked back to your profile. It will only help people get to know you as you participate here. Welcome aboard.

  26. Hi, Im just getting started with B.P. I noticed that there was no realestate representation from Spokane, Wash. So here I am. I have been a realestate consultant since 1998 and am looking forward to a bright and fruitful future with my new partners in business.BiggerPockets.

  27. Looking forward to learning from this site.

  28. hay this looks like a good site to get on am just starting out so it looks good to me so far

  29. Welcome aboard, Neil. Be sure you're logged in when participating so all your activity is linked back to your profile. It is great having you here . . . I appreciate your involvement on the BP blog, and hope we'll see you around the rest of the site.

  30. Hi Josh, I Just signed up to become a member and I am going to update my profile as well. Happy New Year! Best Regards, Neil

  31. Right on, Andy! Follow the advice contained within this post and you'll be off and running.

  32. Just commenting while logged in.

  33. Sounds great, Andy! Be sure to create an account and comment while logged in so your posts link back to your profile. We'll look forward to having you on board!

  34. Hey Josh- I have just started as a Real Estate Broker in Colorado and I have been absobing everything there is to know about real estate investing. I found this site through Zillow and I am hoping to network with some investors here in Colorado! Thanks.

  35. Mike - Why don't you set up an account on the site and introduce yourself in the New Member introductions forum? This article is about marketing yourself using BiggerPockets . . . I recommending following the tips posted in the article itself. Thanks!

  36. hello everyone im just getting started in the short sale investing im looking for some good negotiators that know the short sales investing business so I can get started.

  37. Hey Larry. What was the name of the book that mentioned the site? Most people don't let us know when they refer to us or use the site as a reference. It is always good to know what publications send people your way. Thanks!

  38. This looks like a great site for all Real Estate ventures, was referred to it in a book about Pre-foreclosures, which i intent to start in. Have experience as a RE Agent, listing and selling small businesses, and as a loan originator, and have rehabbed and new construction but am interested in investors now. thankyou larry

  39. Thanks Bob. Just be sure to login to your account when responding to blogs, and be visible by participating and you'll be sure to find success here.

  40. It looks like an interesting site. I hope to be able to pick up some business from it. I'm always interested in those who have cash flow notes to sell. Thanks, Bob

  41. @Elia - The key is to learn how to participate in an effective manner. If you need more help, don't hesitate to let us know. @Dawn - That's great to hear. It appears that you were not logged in when you posted your comment. It is much more effective if you are, as people can then track back to your profile after reading your thoughts. Good luck to you.

  42. Thank you very much for the tips! I appreciate it!

  43. Joshua, thanks for the info i notice i have been doing some things wrong i will take this info an learn from it

  44. Joni - Welcome aboard. If you haven't already, jump in and create a profile on the site. Then, start to engage! We'll see you around.

  45. Hi everyone! Im new to Bigger Pockets, but love the concept of networking with other like-minded individuals. I am a RE investor and would love the opportunity to connect with buyers, private money and sellers that are in pre-foreclosure status. I really believe that this market is one of the best times to be in RealEstate - so many opportunities to help other people - and I look forward to working with a lot of you - maybe even JV some deals! Keep up the great work you do and providing information to all!

  46. Herman - This article is certainly not the place to solicit business - that's just bad form. If you want to solicit business, please do it in the appropriate place. Create your own blog or post in our forum classifieds. Thank you.

  47. I am a loan officer her in the metro DC area which includes Virginia and Maryland.I am also an investor who does whole saling and some rehabbing and I just started a note buying business.Anyone who has a 1st or 2nd or even a 3rd trust or note on type of property anywhere in the country,please contact me.I have connections and I can move quickly on selling any type of note.I will manke it worth your while also by giving you a generous commision on any deal that is sent to me.

  48. Thanks for the note, Cynthia. Why don't you set up a profile here on the site so you can really start to connect with others on the network?

  49. I am an investor/realtor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area but would like to invest anywhere there is an emerging market. My husband and I were in homebuilding for 30+ years and have owner-financed many properties. My husband and son are both master plumbers. I would be happy to help anyone with questions regarding rehab, building, or owner-financing. I look forward to networking with people I can help and people who can help me.

  50. Sandy - It looks like you're trying to drum up some business and learn a thing or two about real estate financing. Instead of posting ads on people's blogs, perhaps you'll join our site and start to engage with others. It is a much more effective technique for marketing yourself.

  51. I am a licensed realtor in the little rock,Arkansas. I am starting to get into the investing side of it. Working with a couple of other investors doing shortsales. I'm looking for interested partners to help with financing. As I said the investing side is new to me. Any help on finding financial backing with none of my money or credit would be very helpful. Also anyone looking to buy properties in the little rock area I would be happy to help. We have lots of foreclosures in our market as well. Contact: [REMOVED] thanks

  52. Fantastic, Morrion! We'll look forward to having you as an active member of the community.

  53. Hi Joshua, I heard about BiggerPockets last year and even had an account for a short period of time. I've just signed back up and I am looking forward to networking with others and helping out as many people as i can and also learning from them.

  54. Sounds good, Steve. Let us know if you need any help.

  55. Hi Joshua.....My name is Steve Jenkins, my partner Terry Lesperance (realtor) and I are experts in short sales. We live in Milwaukee Wi, but we do s/s in all of Wi counties, but we are looking to expand into other states. Our company Kreative Home Buyer Solutions llc is looking forward to becoming part of the Bigger Pockets community. I'll be getting more familiar w/ the way things work. Looking forward to a beneficial relationship w/ Bigger Pockets.

  56. uh...........Ina, That's probably the most creepy thing I've read in a long time. I certainly hope you FULLY educate yourself before spending your future dead husband money risky endeavors that can easily turn south leaving you not only a widow but a broke widow! I certainly hope to hijack this blog, but that's got creep factor to it.

  57. Welcome to the site, everyone. BiggerPockets continues to create opportunities for our members to market themselves. If you have any questions about using the site, please ask on our forums in the Q&A section. Ina - You do realize that you posted your comment on a live website for the world to see? There is no fee to join our site, BTW.

  58. want to join, but i am only on social security, and there was no mention of a fee. Please don't print this message,.y husband is is extreemly bad health, and I am his caretaker. I do not want him to die, but, when he dows, I am going to use his life insurance to get started. I have taken a course online, and was a re broker for some time. I know I can do this, as nmy health is still very good. Please reply. Thanks Ina

  59. Hi Joshua, I first learned of your valuable site a short time ago in Denver’s Sunday paper. I admired that you could grow such a website with so few employees out of your home. Bravo! You will soon learn from my profile I am also working to be a RE social entrepreneur. I have been both a real estate broker and a successful home mortgage consultant over the last 25 years. I am working now to give both my Realtor and Lender friends along with their clients a new service that will provide greater confidence when dealing with home mortgage financing. We’re calling it LoanCheck. I look forward to one day qualifying to be profiled under your internet companies list. We are not ready to go “Beta” yet, as we need to make more connections with professional lenders, Realtors, and secure the new capital to hire the many more employees we’ll need. Perhaps you can share some of your ideas on how to do more with less. Thanks again for your site!

  60. Just signed up waiting for validation. I am looking forward to gaining and sharing information. I have been in real estate full time for the past 15 years. Hoping to assist others when I can and maybe even join venture with those who know a great deal when it is presented. Thanks for the welcome and the getting started advise.

  61. Hello New to the site - find it all very interesting. I have a few rental properties in UK (where I live) and Turkey. I heard about some very cheap properties in Ohio - too cheap to be true to be honest - but got me here and I still like the idea of investing in US - Florida is a place I would like to spend some time when I retire - so not sure where to start - I need some help with the process - and plan to use your site to get me started.

  62. Hello! New to the site and new to the industry. Hope getting my feet wet wil prove beneficial for not only me but others as well. Any ideas, pointers, or positive comments would be welcomed. Dallie

  63. Tom - Jump on the site, create a profile, and start connecting with others. If you read this blog ( ), you'll find many tips on using the site to network. Good luck.

  64. Hello: I am a long-time real estate attorney and investor/developer in Northern California. I am currently acquiring, typically from foreclosing banks, finished residential lots in "busted " subdivisions in CA, NV and AZ. The foreclosing banks are pricing these deals at about 10-15% of the price of new houses that can be sold TODAY; when typically finished lots are worth 25-35% of the house price. So that a builder can now build a new house on the lot and do very, very well. I'm looking for iinvestors for these deals, as well as deals themselves. Typical deal size is $1mm to $5MM. Many finished lots also come with house inventory as well. Any ideas how I can network on this site? Thanks, Tom Dashiell

  65. Great article. I'm looking forward to getting more involved here.

  66. Sam - Jump on the forums and start networking. We've got a great network of people that you can learn from and do business with.

  67. Hello I am a newbie in the RE biz. Would like to learn quickly how to wholesale properties. My background is in Taxes. I live in the Cincinnati area; and this area is good for RE just like the rest of the country. Hope to participate in the forums.

  68. Izzy that price range is going to keep you closer towards the highways than the water. The closer to the hudson you are the more $$$ its going to be

  69. Brian and Izzy - Why don't you create an account on the site so you can network with the 30,000 other members? This article is not really the best place to discuss your individual issues. Jump on the forums and get involved. Good luck, Josh

  70. Looking for a two bedroom appartment to buy in Union City, Jersey City or Hoboken NJ. Range 125K to 150K. Any ideas?????

  71. I just came across this site and it looks like my business will greatly benfit from joining, so I'm in!!! I am a new to the game but ready to make money like everyone else here. I'm a wholesaler here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but find properties nationwide in the hot markets. Looking forward to meeting all who is here, and hope to find a whole lot of new buyers to add to my buyers lists. I can't thank you enough. Let's make some money!!!!!

  72. Scott - set up an account so I can contact you directly. An avatar is your profile image - the picture that represents you on the site. Thanks for the comments and I look forward to networking with you here on BP!

  73. Joshua, I just stubbled upon BiggerPockets, and at first blush, it seems like it could be the tool I have been looking for to help me promote my business. I don't want to sound like a rookie, but I am at blogging, what is Avatar? I will research your site, but any assistance, is greatly appreciated.

  74. Michael - create a FREE account at and you'll be able to network with thousands of investors and others in the note business. Good luck

  75. My ink is fresh on this site and looking to network with anyone who may be in the note selling biz or buying biz , I have 14 yrs of experience in running a Mortgage Biz and rehabbing ,spec homes and being creative in all aspects of making real estate deals work . looking for pools of non proforming or mixed notes for sale . Michael Roush Milwaukee

  76. Welcome to the site, Steve. It doesn't look like you're logged in though, as your post here is as a guest of the site. Jump on the forums and introduce yourself so everyone can have the chance to get to know you. See you around!

  77. Joshua, I just signed up and I am looking forward to getting involved. I have committed to getting invloveld in "social networking" and this seems like a great avenue. I am real estate broker with The Kentwood Company and have been involved in the real estate industry for 25 years as a residential appraiser for 5 years and a residential broker for 20 years. Prior to becoming an appraiser in 1984, I was an economist for D.R.C.O.G and was responsible for population and householf forecasts fot the Denver Region. I am a glass half full kind of person and see a lot of exciting opportunities for real estate investors in the Denver Area.

  78. Steve - Set yourself up with a account and you'll be able to share your deals with the other 27,000+ members on the site.

  79. I am in Washington state, in central Washington. I was in real estate several years ago. I am interested in getting started again. , . have located several short sales that look to be good values. I am hoping there is someone out there for financing?

  80. I'm with Mark here. BiggerPockets is represented in all 50 states, in both major cities and small towns. You should definitely sign up and get involved in the community. I hope to see you around!

  81. Hey Scott - We've got lots of members in the upper Midwest. Jump on in and sign up for the site and you'll have the opportunity to meet these other members. Good luck.

  82. It appears that you do not have much representation in the upper Midwest ... until now. I look forward to working with other Realtors, Investors, Lenders, and prospective buyers and sellers in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul markets. I look forward to a long and fruitful time on BiggerPockets. I hope to make a few [people's pockets bigger along the way. Tahk you..

  83. You certainly can, Joe! I hope we'll see you on board.

  84. Just getting started in the R.E. field of investing.. and sounds like I could receive alot of useful information from this site!! I look forward to interacting in your forum!! Thanks!! Keep up the good work.

  85. Sounds good, Frank! See you on board.

    1. I've done alot of reading today about setting up a blog on BP but I have some questions that I'd like to PM someone...can someone help me on this....thks Jerry

    2. En route . . .

    3. I'd love to pick your brain for about 2 solid weeks. Loving this site.

  86. Seems like there are a lot of benefits of joining. I'm going to sign up for your site soon and hopefully I can get new business selling loans.