8 Must Have WordPress Plugins for your Real Estate Blog

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Many real estate entrepreneurs and professionals have started blogs for their businesses over the last few years which is a great way to engage clients and partners, build expertise, market services, and feature properties for sale (for wholesalers and realtors).  One of the most popular platforms for blogs is WordPress and its very powerful thanks to extensions called plug-ins.

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Today’s post focuses specifically on plug-ins that will help you with your blog in a number of ways.  Here’s a list of my top 8 free must-have WordPress plugins for your real estate blog. There are several other plug-ins which I’d deem as nice to have because they have super cool features, but these are the ones I don’t think any blog should be without.

I’ve linked to the WordPress.org plug-in page for each of these plug-ins, however I’d suggest that if you want to install them, you do so within your WordPress admin site (click on Plug-ins icon, select “Add new”, and then search based on the plug-in name).

2 Plug-ins That Will Save You From Some Serious Grief

Akismet: The best anti-spam plug-in for WordPress.  You’d be surprised (well maybe not) at how many spam comments would show up on your blog if you didn’t have something like this to block them.

WordPress Database Backup (WP-DB-BackUp):  Need I say more? Once set up, this will handle automatic backups for your blog…the recovery of files is easy in the unfortunate event that you screw something up or your blog is hacked and you lose your posts.

3 Plug-ins That Make Social Media Sharing and Engaging Easy

TweetMeme: Provides a “Retweet” button that allows for quick and easy sharing on Twitter.

Facebook Like Button: Provides a button that allows for quick and easy sharing on Facebook.

Note: There are tons of great plug-ins for social media sharing. I focused on these two because I tend to keep things simple and Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media sites that your readers would share with.  If you want something that will allow sharing with just about every social media and bookmarking site under the sun, check out Sexy Bookmarks.

A Comments Plug-in – like Subscribe To Comments or DISQUS: I didn’t want to recommend one specific one here simply because I’ve used a few and have liked them all for a variety of different reasons.  That being said, having a solid comments plug-in is a MUST to engage with those who are reading and want to participate in discussion on your blog articles. Check these both out and see which you like better. Check out CommentLuv as an addition to your comments plug-in as well.

3 Plug-ins that Help With Search Engines and Analysis of Your Blog

Platinum SEO Pack: To put it simply, this plug-in optimizes your WordPress blog for the search engines.  This is one of those plug-ins that non-techie and non-internet marketer folks may not fully appreciate, but use it anyway and even review tutorials to understand why and how to use it.  Once you know, you know!

Google Analytics for WordPress: If you’re not already using Google’s free Analytics tool, you’re missing out on some really solid information about your blog. How much traffic are you getting, where is it coming from, which keywords are leading people to you, etc.  This plug-in helps integrate your blog with Google Analytics.

WordPress.com Stats:  Yes, I know I just recommended that everyone have Google Analytics.  However, some people just want a quick and easy view of their top posts and traffic sources, and this plug-in provides a really nice dashboard right in your WordPress admin site.  I’ve found this plug-in to be very useful when I just want a quick overview or when I want to see the keywords that lead people to the site (because the list will likely be different from the one you see in Google Analytics).

Hope you find this to be useful!  Feel free to add any other “must-have” plug-ins that you recommend to others.  Today I wanted to focus on the bare essentials, but I think a follow up post on top “nice-to-have” plug-ins will be a great and useful one as well!

About Author

Shae Bynes is a real estate investor in Sunny South Florida. On her blog, GoodFaithInvesting.com, she provides helpful tips and an inside look at her real estate investing adventures -- obstacles, failures, & successes!


  1. I have been a big blog fan, and I like the idea that we can actually add a few more things in blogs. This is a great post, but the thing that caught my attention the most is Aksimet. I have to agree that even blog posts are invaded by spam now. Having Aksimet and maintaining a spam-free blog is just wonderful.

  2. The concept of mixing storytelling and real estate is something that I definitely believe in even if I haven’t personally seen it being applied. I am fond of stories, especially those stories that engaging. I’m also sure that most of us are. I commend you for a very creative way of doing business in real estate. I hope to read future blogs related to this specific topic. Thank you for the post!

  3. Very informative post, Shae! I’ve heard many great things about WordPress, I hear many bloggers who have migrated towards it with good results. I think the main thing I see with it is the ability to have more flexibility and add more features to the blog.

    With blogger, I’m kind of limited. There are some things I’d like to add to it. I heard there’s a feature in WordPress where at the end of a post you can add suggested posts also related to the same topic. I think that’s pretty neat!

    Regarding the plugins, do you mainly get them through WordPress? Is it kind of like the Apple store? I guess the main thing I’d be concerned with is how user friendly it is to install them. Hopefully, it’s not too hard! 🙂

    I have WordPress on my radar, the other blog platform that I’m looking at is Tumblr, I hear it’s also very easy to use as well.

    Thanks for sharing, good stuff! 🙂

    • Rachel – wordpress is much better than Tumblr for most things. I think Tumblr integrates better with Social Media but I’ve heard a lot of people that have used both say WordPress is much better for our kind of blogs. That’s my two cents.

      Shae – great plugins. I have most of them already thanks to you but I think I am missing a couple plus my Facebook like button stopped working so I have to fix that!!

      • Thanks for your input Julie, I appreciate it! I guess I’m just looking for something that is very easy to use (I’m not very techie at all!). Tumblr looks pretty user friendly and fun, but I guess I have to also look at functionality and how it can work with the blog too. It does seem that many bloggers for the kind of blogs we have are on WordPress, too. Thanks for your help! 🙂

    • Thanks Rachel! Yes, I agree with Julie regarding WP over Tumblr. Also, to answer your question about plug-ins, yes you can get them from the WordPress.org community. Individuals actually create these plug-ins and donate them to the community so that everyone can benefit….all for free. It’s really cool. There’s a rating system as well which can be helpful. They are easy to install so no really techie skills required 🙂

      There are also premium plug-ins but will cost you money. Some of them are completely worth the money you’d pay for them however…..but mostly you can just use the free ones and have a powerful blog!

      • Thanks for adding your input on WordPress over Tumblr, Shae! Tumblr just looks really fun and easy to use. But, I guess I have to look at functionality as well. Oh, that’s cool about the plug-ins created by individuals and donated to the community – I had no idea! I thought you had to purchase all of them through WordPress like the Apple Store. That’s cool! Oh, thanks for the reassurance about installing the plug-ins – I just don’t want to get myself in and over my head since I’m not that much of a techie! (I don’t even use a smartphone or text msg, it’s kind of too complicated for me!!). Thanks for your help Shae, I appreciate it! 🙂

  4. Nice plug-in list you’ve assembled here. Akismet is a life saver to keep from drowning in spam and platinum SEO is essential if you want anyone to find the content you’ve slaved over via the search engines. I’m also very partial to WordPress Related Posts to help keep users reading on your site as well as Google XML sitemaps to further help the search engine spiders find your content. Also checkout wibiya footer toolbar that helps build your social networking presence in a very unobtrusive sort of way.

  5. Shae,

    Great stuff for a blog. Great content helps too. You can have all the “Eat at Joe’s” signs you want, but if the meal stinks, folks won’t come back.

    Big question for you, why no adsense? A blog such as yours would easily pull in $100/mo+. That could be marketing money, book money, heck even dinner money to reward yourself on another useful blog post.

    Just some food for thought. Either way I practically stalk your blog waiting for the next blog post, so what your doing is working great.


    • LOL! Jason, you’re funny..my post was intended to solely focus on plug-ins for WordPress blogs, but you’re absolutely correct that if I had a list of the 8 most important aspects of the blog in general , good content would at the top of that list 🙂

      Regarding your question, I simply don’t like not knowing which ads are going to pop up on my website. I’d much rather use my ad space to support products and services I use and/or believe in. Just a personal preference.

      Thanks for your kind comments as always and enjoy the weekend!

  6. Platinum SEO Pack? Move over! HeadSpace is so much better. It provides you with the features you need to drive your site to the top. These days people spend way to much time working on SEO and too little time writing great content.

  7. Nice post, Shae! (I absolutely love SexyBookmarks).

    Although I haven’t yet completed my RE blog, I have a WordPress site of for another business and like the Fast Secure Contact Form for custom ‘contact us’ forms. For those investors who display photos of homes, etc., the WordPress FlippingBook picture gallery plugin is very cool.

  8. Jason Sandquist on

    Would also recommend on not getting too “plugin happy”, slows the load time of the site down.

    One that I particularly like is “linkwithin” plugin that allows for related posts at the bottom. You have to download it from linkwithin [dot] com site and it then gives you a zip file to upload. It works well because it shows pictures along with text instead of just text like most related post plugins. The average time on site jumped ten fold across multiple sites that I installed the plugin on. There is another one similar called “nrelate Related Content” that works the same way.

  9. Is there a plug in where you can actually allow people (landlords) to register as members and then add their properties themselves to your real estate / property website?

  10. Wow Shane another good blog on real estate, I’ve read some of your posts before. Pretty good on this business. I think your a guru already on real estate. By the way Nice tips there maybee you can also support a fanpage on facebook as addition to the one you suggested above. I’m learning allot from you.. You have a nice day.

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