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Commercial Real Estate Investing With Frank Gallinelli

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Commercial Real Estate Investing With Frank Gallinelli

Commercial real estate is a powerful way to build and sustain wealth – yet is often feared or misunderstood by real estate investors. Luckily, on today’s podcast, we are excited to have a man who’s professional life is dedicated to teaching investors the ins and outs of commercial real estate investing, Frank Gallinelli. Frank is a best selling author, business owner, and real estate professor who definitely knows his stuff.

This interview contains some powerful key metrics, data, and tools you’ll need if you ever plan on investing in anything more than a single family home. This interview, like all of our BiggerPockets Podcasts, is full of real-world, actionable content without all the hype.

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Transcript of BiggerPockets Podcast Episode 4 with Frank Gallinelli


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In This Week’s Podcast We’ll Explore:


  • Why investors shouldn’t necessarily start with residential.
  • When “Location, Location, Location” isn’t the most important.
  • How to use “cap rates” with commercial properties.
  • What a Triple Net Lease is and why it matters.
  • How to use partners to finance investment properties.
  • Lowering your tax assessment by challenging an assessor.
  • Why chasing the “hot market” isn’t the way to build wealth.
  • Why every commercial property is for sale

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  • “When choosing your real estate path, there’s not a “right” answer – but a “best answer” for each person” Tweet This!
  • “You don’t buy an income property cause it’s pretty; you buy it because it makes money.” Tweet This!
  • “There are no absolutes in anything – especially real estate.” Tweet This!
  • “As a real estate investor, become an expert in your local area.” Tweet This!
  • “Know the vocabulary of your business.” Tweet This!
  • “There is no substitute for Due Diligence.” Tweet This!

Books Mentioned in the Podcast

About Frank

Frank Gallinelli is a best selling author and the President of RealData Inc, a software firm serving real estate investors and developers since 1982. Frank’s company is designed to help income-property investors analyze investment properties, structure partnerships, and produce presentations to buyers, sellers, lenders and equity partners.

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