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  • NE Idaho wannabe. :)
    Replied August 8, 2017
    Hi Jessica,Just to clarify... We do have one program that we call a calculator; it's a toolkit of simple functions like loan amortization schedule, income multiplier, six functi... See more
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  • Some questions about podcast #4 with Frank Gallinelli
    Replied March 8, 2017
    Maintenance and repairs are part of the cost of doing business -- and indeed are part of the deal even if you own a single family home with no tenants. If you're living in the m... See more
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  • Some questions about podcast #4 with Frank Gallinelli
    Replied March 8, 2017
    I agree entirely. In fact, back almost 45 years ago we sold our little single-family cape cod and bought a 3-family, which we lived in for a number of years. It's a good way to ... See more
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