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Learning to Be a Profitable but Ethical Landlord with Al Williamson

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Learning to Be a Profitable but Ethical Landlord with Al Williamson

Being a Landlord can often be challenging, expensive, and stressful. So, today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we are speaking with Al Williamson, an active BiggerPockets member and inner-city landlord who has decades of experience dealing with tenants in both multifamily and single family rentals. Al is a pro at reducing expenses, increasing income, and dealing with difficult landlording situations – which is why we wanted to sit down with Al today.

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In Today’s Podcast, We Cover:

  • How Al used a 1031-Exchange to “Trade-Up” to a larger property.
  • Tips for living in a small multifamily and living with tenants.BiggerPockets Podcast _ Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building
  • How to avoid being a slumlord in rough areas.
  • Why simply picking up trash can transform your investing.
  • The power of “Patient Equity.”
  • Al’s goal of Not being dependent on the tenants’ rent to pay the bills.
  • Ideas for both increasing income and cutting expenses.
  • Al’s plan to revolutionize income for multifamily properties.
  • How Al used a very small syndication to buy a rental property
  • The biggest challenges for an up-and-coming landlord.
  • What the “Landlord Lid” is – and how to overcome it.
  • How to Invest in Real Estate when you have a full time job AND a busy family life at home

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About Al

AL Williamson is Civil Engineer and landlord from the Sacramento, California area. Al has invested in real estate since 1996, focusing mostly on multifamily properties in urban areas.

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Al’s Blog: LeadingLandlord.com


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