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Flipping, Marketing, and Wholesaling with Danny Johnson

The BiggerPockets Podcast
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Flipping, Marketing, and Wholesaling with Danny Johnson

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we sit down with fix and flipper Danny Johnson to talk about running a successful real estate investing business. Danny has been investing in real estate for the past decade and has hundreds of awesome, actionable tips that he shares with us in today’s show. From real estate marketing through websites and direct mail to tips for wholesalers and ideas for getting started while working a full time job, Danny’s knowledge is going to blow your mind. Whether you are an experienced house flipper, a wholesaler, or a new investor just getting ready to start investing, this show is going to give you a ton of ammunition to use in your business.

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Transcript of BiggerPockets Podcast Episode 18 with Danny Johnson


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In This Show, We Cover:

  • Why a mentor isn’t as important for your success as you might think.
  • How to hustle while holding a full time job.
  • How to use “driving for dollars” to get started.
  • The CRAZY first deal that got Danny into real estate.
  • Bandit signs… a great marketing plan OR a criminal activity?
  • How Danny manages 8-13 flips at a time.
  • The “Top Secret” method that Danny uses to find deals.
  • Postcards vs. yellow letters : which is better?
  • The best criteria for compiling a great direct mail list.
  • Tips for creating a lead generating website and online advertising.

Books Mentioned in the Show

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
Mastery by Robert Greene
Flipping Houses Exposed by Danny Johnson

Links from the Show

Why Hiring a Mentor Might Not Be the Stupidest Thing You Could Do by Ben Leybovich
Driving for Dollars Bible: Finding Distressed Properties and Marketing by Chris Feltus
Driving for Dollars Bible 2: Tracking Down Owners & More Tips! by Chris Feltus
Danny’s “We Buy Houses website
BP Podcast 016: Land Contracts, Creative Selling, and Finding Private Money with Clay Huber
Hard Money Lender Directory
Danny’s Blog Post: 9 Reasons Why You Couldn’t Sell Your Wholesale Deal

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When it’s a “real deal” you’ll know it’s a good deal. You don’t have to make it a deal. (Tweet This!)

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Connect with Danny

Danny’s BiggerPockets Profile
Danny’s Blog FlippingJunkie.com

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