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How to Close 27 Deals in Your First Year While Working Full Time with Sam Craven

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How to Close 27 Deals in Your First Year While Working Full Time with Sam Craven

On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with a relatively new investor who is absolutely crushing it as a flipper and wholesaler – Sam Craven. Sam has an incredible story of learning to fight through the initial problems that all new investors face and achieving a lot of success while investing during his weekends and evenings. Sam has a ton of great tips on marketing, making a plan, running an investment business, and a lot more. Don’t miss this show!

Read the transcript to episode 33 with Sam Craven here.

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In This Show, We Cover

BiggerPockets Podcast _ Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building 9.42.11 AM

  • Working with family without killing each other
  • Closing 27 deals during the first year in business
  • Getting leads with direct mail
  • Investing while holding a full time job
  • Partnering with other investors when first beginning
  • How to lower your direct mail response rate … and why you want to
  • Tips on online advertising
  • Making a plan for future growth
  • How to stand out from the “bad wholesaler” crowd
  • How to build a sophisticated buyer’s list
  • How to handle major problems when they come up

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Books Mentioned in the Show

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller
The E-myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael Gerber

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Connect with Sam

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Sam’s Website – Senna Homes

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