Jerry Puckett

23 May 2013

Sam's ability to analyze and critique is simply amazing. He is able to digest complex information and immediately apply it in a way that is both helpful and profitable. I first met Sam at a BP meet up and could tell right away that he would succeed however he applied himself. Not long after that, I was privileged to work with him at the start up of his RE business. He scaled the learning curve faster than any I've seen before or since, and a few short months later his business was thriving at a level that will set him up for life. Get in touch with Sam today, you'll be glad you did!

Robin Grimes

10 July 2013

I bought a wholesale property from Senna Homes in March. The deal went very smoothly and Sam and Robert were very professional. The deal worked out really well for both of us. Their repair estimates were spot on. I highly recommend Senna Homes and working with Sam and Robert Craven.

David J.

22 July 2013

David is a customer and now a trusted friend. He is an experienced landlord and has helped me think outside the norms to finance buy and hold properties. I am confident we will continue to work together and grow. Should you need any legal advice from entity formation, real estate or business you should reach out to Dave.

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