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Small Multifamily Properties, Working a Full Time Job, and Training Tenants with Mike Sherwood

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Small Multifamily Properties, Working a Full Time Job, and Training Tenants with Mike Sherwood

On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we cover a huge range of really important topics with real estate investor Mike Sherwood, including investing while holding a full time job, working with a partner to grow quickly, getting started with a small multifamily property, and a lot more.

Mike has invested in the Buffalo, NY for several years now, doing both rentals and is getting into fix and flip, so he has a ton of insight for both those just getting started and for those with a lot of experience already.

This show has so much good information and helpful tips for any real estate investor, this is going to be one you’ll want to listen to over and over just to make sure you get all the great nuggets out of it.

Read the transcript for episode 51 with Mike Sherwood here.

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BiggerPockets-Podcast-Cover 300 300In This Show, We Cover:

  • Buying a small multifamily to live for free
  • The secret to living next door to your tenants
  • Training your tenants
  • When is an emergency an emergency?
  • Managing your own properties vs. hiring a property manager
  • Tips for working a full time job AND investing on the side
  • Finding good deals on the MLS
  • How Michael found a partner to invest with
  • Legally structuring a partnership for real estate
  • Ways to systematize your business
  • The key to finding partners on BiggerPockets
  • Flipping houses while working a full time job

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“Establish guidelines upfront with your tenants to save yourself a lot of trouble.” (Tweet This!)

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“You can make any real estate deal look good with 80% down.” (Tweet This!)

“The most important thing in a partnership is being able to constructively handle differences.” (Tweet This!)

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Mike’s Website: www.CandMRental.com

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