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Profitable Landlording with Integrity with Marcia Maynard

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Profitable Landlording with Integrity with Marcia Maynard

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we are excited to sit down with Marcia Maynard, a hands-on landlord who hails from Vancouver, Washington.

Marcia got her start in real estate by marrying into “the family business” that already had an existing portfolio, but continued on the tradition to help fund her own future retirement.  On today’s show, she goes into detail on how you can invest part-time for retirement while making a HUGE impact on the community in the process!

This show covers the importance of integrity in a landlord’s life and is filled with actionable tips for dealing with tenants in an ethical – yet profitable – way.  This is a great show, let’s get into it!

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In This Show We Cover…


  • How to invest with family
  • The importance of setting up your business structure and what happens when you don’t!
  • Insurance – Do you need an umbrella policy?
  • The awesome path of buying rental properties slowly
  • Personal Finance 101
  • How to love your job and invest in real estate on the side
  • The benefits of a mission statement
  • The importance of coaching your tenants to have more integrity
  • How to handle conflicts with tenants
  • An awesome alternative to evictions! 
  • The importance of a calling up prior landlords
  • Red flags of bad tenants,
  • Actionable items for vetting tenants over the phone
  • Using court records to look up potential tenants
  • And a whole lot more!

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