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Finding Deals, Wholesaling and House Flipping in a Hot Market With Anson Young

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Finding Deals, Wholesaling and House Flipping in a Hot Market With Anson Young

Real estate investing isn’t always about the speed of the chase – sometimes patience is key and the amount of deals you close might not be as important as the quality of each deal.

If you’d like to hone your deal-finding skills and knowledge of your local market, don’t miss out on this BiggerPockets Podcast episode, where we sit down with Anson Young to discuss the art of unearthing great deals, which properties are the best to flip, and how to handle a hot real estate market.

Anson got started in the real estate world back in 2004, when he moved to Arizona and bought his first house. A year later, he sold the property and moved back to Denver with his first big check,  and he has been in the Colorado real estate game ever since. Exploring many sides of real estate investing, he’s found a niche in the wholesaling market and continues to grow his network and expertise of the local real estate environment.

If you want to hear more about the many forms of real estate investing and how to break into your local market, be sure to check out this episode!

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In This Show We Cover:

  • The key to being a good wholesale buyer
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  • The ins and outs of ARV and what it means to the real estate market
  • Where the best areas are to purchase based upon neighborhood location
  • How to understand localized real estate
  • The dos and ds of co-wholesaling
  • The differences between flipping and rehabbing
  • How to target your best buying audience
  • Whether you should use pre-foreclosure lists or not
  • Who the best people to invest with are
  • The most efficient way to find a private lender
  • Whether a BPO is the way to go
  • When you should make a package sample deal
  • How to attract financiers when you are new to real estate
  • Which types of properties make the best house flips
  • And lots more!

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