BiggerPockets Podcast 098: Value-Add Investing and Doing $1 Billion in Real Estate Transactions with Allan Glass

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What does it take to buy, sell, and broker over $1,000,000,000 in real estate?

That’s what you’ll discover in today’s podcast episode when we sit down with Allan Glass, a real estate entrepreneur from sunny Southern California.  In this hour long interview, you’ll learn how Allan used his skills as a commercial real estate broker to build his own portfolio and “piece together” deals that are truly “win-win-wins.”

If you are looking to take your business to a whole new level, don’t miss this show!

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In This Show We Cover:

  • How Allan got started as a commercial broker in LA
  • Thoughts on obtaining a Real Estate Finance Degree
  • How Allan was able to profit despite getting started in the worst time to have career in real estate
  • The two “book ends” Allan looks for to decide where to invest.
  • How Allan shifted from an employee to starting his own business in the restaurant industry
  • Why you should always have a backup plan
  • The importance of continuing education and taking up a Masters in Real Estate Development
  • Why functional obsolescence is vitally important to an investor
  • How Allan manage to invest in numerous different property types
  • How to add value to real estate and profit from it
  • How Allan  finds deals in any market.
  • Allan’s ‘secret sauce’ of real estate investing
  • Mistakes real estate investors make (including Allan)
  • And lots more!

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  1. John Van Uytven

    Great show guys
    I already listened to it twice, full of great information.

    Allan love the way you were creative with Credit Cards in such a unique way when you first started.
    Paying people in trade for things they would need or wanted.
    Once the restaurant was up and running how long did it take to zero out those balances?
    I believe you said you left after about a year.
    How was the business going when you left?

  2. Allan Glass

    Wow, that was fun. Thanks Brandon and Josh I really appreciate the opportunity.

    John, The restaurant was open for 5 years, we tripled our investment and hit breakeven 1/2 way through year 2.

    Thanks David.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone

  3. Daniel Ryu

    Brandon (or anyone)
    Where do you go to see info about the webinars mentioned?

    Allan – great podcast! I’m from LA so it was exciting to hear about investing in neighborhoods I kinda know. I remember the Metro opening and wondering who would ever ride it. LAs such a car town.

    Anyways, great show, great info.

    Funny how they called you old!! I guess I am too. I had no idea the average BP investor was so young. Feel like I should start a blog on here called No Country for “Old Men”.. ^^

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