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Real Estate Investor Websites: How to Build the Perfect Lead Gen Website With LeadPropeller

Real Estate Investor Websites: How to Build the Perfect Lead Gen Website With LeadPropeller

4 min read
Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner is an active real estate investor, entrepreneur, writer, and podcaster. He is a nationally recognized ...

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I’m almost speechless.

For those of you who know me, you know this is rare. But I just got finished setting up a real estate lead generation website (a “I Buy Houses” website) through LeadPropeller.com, and I’m blown away.

In less than twenty minutes I had my website built, including all the language I wanted on there, and it’s live. Right now. On the internet. For motivated buyers to contact me. So I can buy their houses. So I can make more money. So I can live the life I want.

The purpose of this blog post is to share a bit about LeadPropeller and how you can use it to make yourself a website and start attracting leads. But first, let’s talk about the problem.

Why You Need a Real Estate Investor Website

Leads are the lifeblood to any real estate investor.

Whether you are a house flipper or wholesaler, without a pipeline continually filling up with deals, it’s almost impossible to scale your business. Sure, you might get a deal here and a deal there, probably on the MLS, but I’ve got a secret for you: that’s no way to scale a business.

Yes, you could send out direct mail. I love the idea of direct mail, but there is one major hangup: direct mail costs a lot of money — usually around $1 per piece of mail.

You could put up bandit signs all over town, but you’ll spend more time running from the cops and probably end up paying more in fines than you’d ever make from those leads. Bad idea.

Then there is the internet. You KNOW that the internet is where everyone is. You know that people are searching Google for queries like “How do I sell my house quickly?” and “What to do when I can’t pay my mortgage?” If only you could have a website that those people end up on.

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Now you can — and you can do it more easily than you’d ever imagined.

Real Estate Investor Websites From LeadPropeller

You probably recognize the name behind LeadPropeller: Danny Johnson. (If not, you don’t read enough BiggerPockets Blog posts or haven’t listened to the 18th episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast.)

Danny is a wholesaler and house flipper who gets a ton of his leads online and has for years. Now he’s created this awesome new program to help YOU make an incredible website.

And it’s stupid simple to use.

Seriously, my grandma could make a website using LeadPropeller.

Furthermore, these websites are mobile-optimized, which means they look great on a cell phone, on a tablet, on a computer, on a billboard.

Other benefits include:

  • SEO-friendly, so people who are searching online have a greater chance of ending up on your site
  • Website text already written, so you don’t need to come up with things to write
  • Add video to your website if you want (but you don’t have to)
  • Add a blog to your site if you want (but you don’t have to)
  • Super fast load times, which means people searching your site don’t have to wait long for pages to load
  • Get leads texted right to your cell phone
  • Very fast to build — you can be up and running in twenty minutes (or spend more time customizing)
  • No code or HTML experience required (In other words, today could be your first day using a computer and you could figure this out!)
  • Track your leads on the back-end of your site
  • TONS of video tutorials on how to do everything
  • Integrates with major email marketing companies like AWeber and Mailchimp, if you want to set up automated emails
  • And a lot more.

Here’s a few screenshots of LeadPropeller and how you can use it to make yourself a real estate investor website:

Real Estate Investor Website 1


Step One: Visit “LeadPropeller.com” to sign up. (Pretty site, eh?)




Step Two: Sign up. (Takes less time than folding your underwear.)


Step 3 Dashboard



Step Three: Follow the simple 4-step process. (So easy, even Ben Leybovich could do it! Hah!) 


Step 4_ Choose Your Favorite Design


Step Four: Pick your favorite design with pre-filled out text. (Danny’s a marketting genius. He’s got it all finished for you!) 


Step 5 - Edit


Step Five: Edit your website with no coding needed (Yes, your grandma could do this. If she had a computer.) 


Step 6 - Edit and Customize


Step Six: Add nice pictures of yourself. (Isn’t my wife cute!)

Step 7 - Walk through the checklist - videos


Step Seven: If you have any problems, simply walk through the handy checklist and watch videos on how to do each and every step of the process.



Step 8 - Final Product


Step Eight: Publish your page and see how it looks! (Go ahead, check out mine at www.TurnerApartmentBuyers.com. It might look different from the image above, as I’ll be editing it over time.) 


Step 9 Get Leads

Step Nine: Get leads delivered straight to your inbox! (Yes, this lead was myself testing it. What do you expect, I just built the site 20 minutes ago! Be patient, young Skywalker.)


Just like that, you can start receiving leads from motivated sellers in your area who are searching the web! You can also put your website URL on your business card, on billboards, on flyers, or wherever else you want to start generating business for your real estate investment company!

Pricing for LeadPropeller (and BiggerPockets Discount!)

LeadPropeller is normally just $49 per month for THREE different websites, including unlimited support, web hosting, the domain name, no setup fee, and no contract (cancel any time).

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However, because we love our members, we’ve hooked you up with some sweet discounts!

If you are a BiggerPockets free member (or even if you are not a member and just happen to be reading this on BiggerPockets.com), you can get 25% off your first month with LeadPropeller if you use the coupon code BP25 when checking out.

Free LeadPropeller Review Button

Even better, if you are a BiggerPockets Pro member, I have good news. We’ve negotiated a reduced monthly charge (yes, save money each and every month) for our Pro members through a partnership with LeadPropeller. Right now, you get get 10% off the monthly cost of a LeadPropeller real estate investor website AND get 50% off your first month. That’s a savings of $83.30 your first year! To redeem your Pro member Perk, just head to BiggerPockets.com/perks and click on the LeadPropeller Perk. (Yes, BiggerPockets does make a commission when you purchase through our link. However, the price is still lower than if you were to purchase alone. Aren’t partnerships great!?) 

Pro Lead Propeller Green BUtton

If you are serious about taking action with your investing business, LeadPropeller is a no-brainer investment. You get a website. You get a domain name. You get pre-written sales text. And it’s easier than you can imagine.

Questions? Comments?

Leave your thoughts below and either I or Danny (the guy who built this awesome tool!) will be here to help!